Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Own

In Sri Lanka, since it’s summer all year long, it might be a little dull to dress the same way, everyday. Seasonal fashion is exciting as you get to change it up each season (eg: winter fashion is something to love), but we live in a tropical country and it’s both a blessing and a curse.

While we all love trends, no wardrobe is complete without the essentials. They are the pieces that you turn to in order to create almost every outfit. From the simple white t-shirt to the classic maxi dress, they are the pieces that every closet requires.

So, if you want to up your style game, you need to know what they are.

We have created a list to guide you through all the must-haves so that you can turn a simple clothing piece into the most chic outfit.

White T-Shirt / Shirt

The white T-shirt / shirt may not be the most exciting piece of clothing, but it is one of the most versatile. This simple piece can partner with nearly everything and look great. So, whether you are rocking pants, a patterned skirt or jeans, you can never go wrong with this staple piece.

Denim Jeans

Having denim jeans is a must. It goes with everything and you can go from looking simple to dressed up in seconds. Skinny jeans are the go-to jeans but now boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, vintage jeans etc are trending. They are casual, comfy, cool and perfect for this weather.

Midi Skirt

Forget the mini skirts because the new skirt staple is the midi. Not only is the style chic and flattering, but it’s also perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable at the same time. Invest in one that you love, and you’ll be able to wear it with flats during the day and heels at night.

Maxi Dress

When the weather is hot, tight and restrictive clothing can be a nightmare. It’s no wonder then why the maxi dress is a favorite style. Long, billows at the waist and breezy, the maxi is everything you need to beat the heat in style.


Besides denim jeans, pants are another essential we need in our wardrobe. It’s great for a day out, a night out or it’s perfect to wear to work as it can be formal too. From high-waist pants to wide leg pants, it can give you a classy look by pairing it with simple tops/bodysuits, some jewellery and even a blazer if it’s not a hot day.

Silk Scarfs

Taking inspiration from the 50s and the 60s, this sleek fashion trend is coming back in a big way. It can be used around your neck, on your head to protect your hair or by using it with your hair tie. If it’s a big enough scarf, it can be used as a cute scarf top which can be styled in many different ways. It can also be used as an accessory by tying it on your handbag.


Kimonos can be both paired with workwear and party essentials. You can call them whatever you want, from kimono jackets to kimono cardigans. They are ideal for this weather. Most of the styles are made of light and airy fabrics so it’s a pretty fabulous style for making your simple outfit bright, elegant and complete.

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