Tropical Island Wear by Leena Clothing

Leena Clothing is a summer friendly tropical brand founded by Tatyana De Fontaine, a young entrepreneur who started a clothing line on her own.

“Being a local brand, we aim to give our customers the luxury of having the comfort and class they desire through our clothing items.”

Tatyana states that currently their items are sold online via Instagram, Facebook and Daraz. However, she hopes to expand the brand in the near future.

“By retailing our items to physical stores, we will be able to improve our customer experience and cater to the demands and requirements of the market.”

What inspires you?

Women entrepreneurs and powerful female figures have always amazed me. I was inspired by the courage and strength displayed, that I too wanted to be an entrepreneur, to be my own boss.”

“As a young girl with no experience in running a business or even a degree in fashion, I worked up the courage to start my own small business with the hope that I will reach my dream one day.”

“I’ve always loved expressing myself through fashion. I enjoy dressing up and thinking of styles that would look great together.”

“Also, my sister was already in the fashion and modeling field. Her lifestyle was also another major reason for my growing interest in the garment industry at the time.”

How do you come up with new designs?

Tatyana gains inspiration from international and Instagram fashion trends.

“I try my best to integrate these international trends with local likings and create unique products that suit our beautiful culture and the tropical vibes of Sri Lanka.”

“I like working with summer friendly materials like Linen, Viscose and georgette.”

Leena Clothing Bestsellers

What is your style?

“I really like to mix and match and try out different trends.”

“I could go from a bright bohemian vibe to a very earthy toned elegant style whenever the occasion calls for it.”

“Also, what’s life without a little razzle-dazzle?”

“I’ve learnt that expressing oneself and wearing whatever that boosts your confidence and happiness is all that matters.”

What is it like being your own boss?

“I love being my own boss.”

“It has given me the liberty to make my own decisions, be expressive, represent the brand and work at my leisure.”

“Managing and running the business alone while studying, working and helping out at home can be very challenging at times but I keep reminding myself that quitting is not an option and I should keep pushing regardless of how difficult it gets.”

“Female entrepreneurs face many hurdles along the path to success but being able to balance it all and still move forward is what makes us women.”

“You can succeed and you will succeed. Have faith in yourself.”

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