Women in the work place – recognizing organizations that encourage more women.. Satynmag.com & CIMA Sri Lanka initiate “ Women Friendly Work Place” Awards

Women in the work place is a key criteria that determines the progressive nature of a country and its development. CIMA Sri Lanka and Satynmag.com, Sri Lanka’s leading women’s magazine since 1998, online since 2013, have come together to present a unique initiative that seeks to recognize corporate and state owned organizations encouraging and empowering women at the workplace.

Greater Gender Inclusion –

www.satynmag.com, has been committed to empowering women through career development, entrepreneurship and encouraging gender inclusion at work. CIMA Sri Lanka is partnering www.satynmag.comin bestowing this accolade which is expected to set a benchmark within the Sri Lankan context towards enhancing the potential for greater inclusion of women in the workplace.

More women in the workplace –

According to World Bank data, women represent approximately 38% of the Sri Lankan labour force while leadership positions among women are dismally low with even less representation of women in boards across corporate entities and organizations. “There is tremendous potential for greater inclusivity of women in the Sri Lankan workplace” says Ms. Zahara Ansary, ACMA, CGMA, Country Manager, CIMA Sri Lanka, “ There is even greater room for organizations to be recognized for their efforts to include more women in leadership positions while supporting women to get ahead in their careers, whilst also helping them to optimize their work-life balance. “

National level recognition for organizations –

“ We believe that there exists an opportunity at a national level for organizations to be recognized for their encouragement and empowering of women in the work place. It would encourage a more holistic view in enabling women to negotiate critical phases such as  flexi-hours, child care and initial support in raising young families” says Nayomini R Weerasooriya, Founder / Editor of Satynmag.com. The initiative includes a scorecard that will address key areas of evaluation, from broad basing opportunities available for women, an enhanced inclusion of women at all levels from junior ranks to middle and top management, greater participation of women in executive roles and more female representation on boards. It will also cover areas such as training provided for women towards emerging as leaders and supporting them to play a greater role in decision making, while encouraging better work-life balance support.

Recruitment processes that encourage women –

Recruitment and selection processes that encourage a minimum number of female candidates and initiatives that encourage women to climb the career ladder are considered key criteria. In addition, adequate protocols that address workplace safety and mechanisms to offer support such as victim friendly investigations and setting up of a grievance handling mechanism are also evaluated. The Advisory Panel for the project consists of Prof. Arosha Adikaram, Head of the Dept of HR Management – University of Colombo who heads the panel, Manohari Abeysekera, FCMA,CGMA Director – National Savings Bank,  Ravi Abeysuriya, FCMA, CGMA, Jeevan Thyagarajah – Founder & Head CHA, Duminda Ratnayake Chairman SuvaSariya, Zahara Ansary, ACMA, CGMA and Nayomini R Weerasooriya. “We would like to invite companies and organizations to apply for this great initiative which we believe would set a noteworthy precedent in enhancing gender inclusion in the workplace as a national issue of importance.” concluded Ms. Ansary.   For further information, please e mail [email protected].                  

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