A childhood passion turned into a career : Honey and Glaze

Honey and Glaze is Salma Shakoor’s childhood passion that evolved into a business over a period of time. She started baking at the age of seven.

“Whenever I feel down or stressed I would bake. So, I mainly did it for therapeutic reasons and it only felt right to turn it into my career.”

“Honey and Glaze came to light in early 2017.  Back then, this was nothing more than just a side hustle that I did whilst I was pursuing my higher studies.”

“I never expected it to be my full-time career. Over time, it slowly turned out to be what I put all my time and energy on.”

“Honey and Glaze is your one-stop for all your sweet cravings.”

What are some trends you see in the market?

Salma states that trends evolve almost every time in the baking industry.

“This is always super fun as it allows you to focus on something new at all times.”

“As of right now some of the trends I recognize are textured buttercream cakes, hot coco bombs and treat boxes which includes customized cookies, cake-sickles and so much more.”

What are the types of desserts Honey and Glaze offers?

“When it comes to cakes, we focus only on buttercream covered cakes.”

“Let it be any sort of event, we’ve got you covered. From cupcakes, cake-sickles, birthday cakes to three-tier structures for a wedding. All of it is done according to your preference.”

“Our dessert options include cheesecakes, classic tres leches (milk cake), biscuit pudding and brownies.”


Double chocolate cheesecake – Has 4 decadent layers. A biscuit layer, luscious cream cheese layer, double choc mousse and ganache to top it off.

White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake – Consists of a biscuit base, our freshly made raspberry compote generously swirled in the white chocolate cream cheese filling and finally a drizzle of white chocolate ganache.

Tres Leches:

Our Classic Tres Leches is a super light sponge cake soaked in a sweet milk mixture topped with a cloud of vanilla cream. Truly is a bite of pure bliss.

Biscuit pudding:

Double chocolate biscuit pudding – A double dose of the classic biscuit pudding. With this, less is not more.

White choc Raspberry ripple biscuit pudding – The lush creaminess of the white chocolate tied together with our homemade raspberry sauce gives out the perfect balance of tart and sweetness.

Signature double chocolate brownie:

The perfectly crackly crust on top and gooey, fudgy perfection on the inside. Trust me when I say these are little bites of heaven.

What are some unique flavors used?

“When it comes to flavors, I try to keep it quite simple. I try to create a sense of nostalgia with the flavors that I use.”

“Some of our most loved flavors are vanilla sponge, hot cocoa (classic chocolate cake) and our lemon and raspberry cake.”

How do your desserts stand out?

“With every cake I do, I try my best to add my own touch to it.”

“For instance, when my customers send me pictures for inspiration out of Pinterest or of someone else’s work, I tweak it with my own personal touch. Let it be the colors or techniques used.”

“It’s completely okay to be inspired but it really is important to find your own style to stand out.”

Honey and Glaze bestsellers

“As of now, it definitely is the double chocolate cheesecake and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.”

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