Build your immunity with these steps -fight COVID-19

Build your immunity, which as we all know is key to staying away from COVID-19.

While the entire world fights COVID-19, there are some things we can do to strengthen our immunity and enhance our ability to stay one step ahead the disease.

These are among the steps that we can take to ensure that we can indeed stay one step ahead of the pandemic.

Check these simple yet effective steps to ensure your enhanced immunity.

Build your immunity with exercise –

Exercise not only keeps us on our toes but also builds our body from within.

Engaging in a focused, specific period of exercise during the week, spending at least 30 minutes a day will build your immunity and your bones, strengthening your muscles, heart and lungs.

COVID-19 is said to attack lungs so building strength with cardio exercises and breathing exercises is key to building your immunity.

A balanced diet –

A diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, pulses and cereals would go a long way in boosting your immunity.

Fast food, processed food and snacking are all considered habits that can wreck a healthier lifestyle and reduce immunity.

A balanced diet is ideally cooked at home in order to ensure a high level of hygiene and wellbeing.

Develop dietary patterns that include everything needed to enhance immunity and build your body on a solid foundation to withstand infections and disease.

Build your immunity with a good nights’ rest –

Getting a sound night’s rest is vital to build your immunity – breaking rest and staying up late will only make your body vulnerable to disease.

Always remember to go to sleep at almost the same time everyday in order to build a sleep cycle.

There are many apps that you can download on your smartphone to help you work on your sleep – from getting to sleep to analyzing the quality of your sleep.

Avoiding stress –

Being stressful can only dampen your immunity and make your body susceptible to infection and disease.

While still managing your businesses and other activities, it is important for you to be able to balance your stress sleeves in order to keep your body healthy and your mind eased.

Worrying about COVID-19 will not help either so you need to be able to balance it out.

Develop hobbies –

In today’s device driven world of smartphones and gadgets, it seems impossible to develop hobbies outside the digital world.

Building your immunity also has a lot to do with teaching yourself to rest and relax, preferably with a hobby that would compliment a lifestyle of less stress and more productivity.

Going for walks, reading, gardening and cooking are hobbies that we can fit into our lifestyle without the constant need to be validated on social media.

While it might seem easier to say than do, developing these hobbies are considered key to developing a healthy lifestyle, no matter how old or young you might be.

Staying healthy has a lot to do with the variables we deal with everyday – in the end, it is up to us to manage these factors in a way that enhances our health and wellbeing and not compromise it.


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