Plan Your Dream Wedding With Flowery Décor

Flowery Décor is a business that primarily focuses on wedding decorations. They also focus on corporate functions and event planning as well.

Darshani started Flowery Décor 15 years ago with the determination of making all weddings special and elegant, while giving a personalized service.

“I was involved with weddings at a young age since I had my own salon. Then I moved onto making bridal bouquets.”

“I had my family’s support from the very beginning.”

Why did you start your business?

“When I was invited to weddings, I found that most of the time, the decor was quite an obstruction and took away the spotlight from the couple.”

“My main goal was to make sure that the venue looked breathtaking and complete, while keeping the attention on the couple.”

Darshani feels accomplished when the brides tell her what an amazing job she has done and how it was beyond their expectations.

What are your plans for the new year?

“This year will be a challenge as well with Covid-19, but my goal is to make sure that the couple feels comfortable and happy with us.”

Darshani says that their prices are reasonable and unmatchable.

“My primary focus is to stick to the budget the couple has allocated and assemble the decor to their liking.”

“Our decor comprises a mix of fresh and artificial flowers or all fresh flowers.”

“The couple can choose whatever they like from our designs, or it can be customized.”

What are the new trends you see in the market?

The involvement of pastel shades and geometric shapes.

“The simple yet elegant style of white, green and gold combined with pastel shades incorporated in geometric shapes, gives the decor such glamour and elegance.”

How is Flowery Décor different from other wedding planners?

Darshani’s goal is to give her clients a personalized service.

“We take only two functions a day, as I personally see into every detail and handle all issues with my clients.”

“The client may or may not have a budget, but believe me, a beautiful and elegant decor can be done to their requirements.”

Darshani also handles other wedding reception essentials such as Ashtaka, a band/DJ, photographers, etc.

“At Flowery Décor, we provide all the above at a very special rate.”

“The clients can relax and focus on themselves and leave all the planning and coordinating to us.”

“The reviews my clients post on our Facebook page is a testament of the high quality work we do.”

“I always aim to give my clients more than what they ask for as it’s their day, their moment of eternal happiness.”

“At the end of the day, Flowery Décor is where your dream becomes a reality.”

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