How to run a successful small business during COVID-19

A small business owner during COVID-19 is possibly one of the most challenged individuals around.

As we continue to learn lessons from managing a business – whether mid sized business or a big one, we understand one thing – that we have to learn to co-exist with COVID-19 for the next year at least.

If strategy is something we use to run our businesses well, then you are looking at redoing strategizing, redoing just about everything we have learnt about it before.

Every business needs the right advice than ever before to ensure that they stay on track and survive the wave.

Women owned businesses need that advice right now.

So what would work to keep the operation as smooth as possible – as the world still deals with the pandemic?

Let’s start with basics.

Maintain a customer centric approach

If you don’t have your customers, you don’t have a business.

Find your customers where they are  – talk to them and stay in touch. Ask questions – help them understand that they are important to you.

Maintaining a customer centric approach is vital for the survival of every business.

Keep that focus and you will be able to slowly but surely ensure that your customers will return and will continue to patronize your store or your service.

Go for top-of-mind awareness – stay relevant as a small business

Staying relevant in a confused world order is vital.

How relevant is your product or service to your customers?

What are you doing everyday to ensure they remember or see you – update your social media, tell your stories, showcase your products?

This has to be a consistent operation that will continue to remind your customers that your business exists. That you are there when the need for your services arise.

You do this by staying relevant and visible.

Change the way you do business in the COVID-19 scenario

There’s no point complaining about what was – in the new normal, we do things differently.

You have to differentiate and change the way you do your business – if you need to go online, the you must go online.

Change the way you run your business and you will see results.

Changing means doing things differently, in a way that they have not been done before.

Sometimes, it helps you build a better business – sometimes, it helps you to develop new routines and new concepts.

Change your perspectives & priorities

Before COVID-19 we had different priorities.

They are not even relevant anymore.

If you are to make a success of your business in the world with COVID-19, you have to change the way you think and work. You have to forego your priorities and focus on new ones.

For some, their priorities are just staying put, keeping a business afloat.

For others, it is ensuring that the customers still want to buy from them.

Study the data – look for patterns

You will see a different picture emerging if you study the data.

You will be able to understand new patterns and new approaches being formed.

Customers too have been changed by COVID-19 – they are adapting to different ways of doing things.

As always, we bring you advice that will help you recalibrate your business, empowering it to grow.

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