Aroma Bliss Ceylon natural face, hair & body care – the best gift for the Season..

Gift giving is a part of the Season – that’s why we are thrilled with the best gift ideas around.

With Aroma Bliss Ceylon range of face, skin, hair & body care, you have the perfect gift for any occasion.

When you give a gift, you like to give a gift that makes a lasting statement in quality, appeal and impact.

That’s why Aroma Bliss Ceylon  products are ideal gifts for every occasion.

Aroma Bliss is a range of luxurious yet affordable range of products made in Sri Lanka with natural ingredients using a world class process to ensure you get the best results.

Choose from a range of products made with natural ingredients – gentle on the skin, hair and body.

Whitening Range – This range helps your skin to improve naturally, removing pigmentation and renewing your skin to become healthier and glow with a natural glow.

Kasthuri Kaha Night Cream can be used to effectively fade off dark spots and pigmentations and lighten the skin naturally.

Use Saffron Day Cream for a quick-absorbing, non-greasy formula that removes dark pots and improve the skin’s moisture levels.

Kasthuri Kaha Face Wash – This would be a gift that everyone loves – such a pleasant facewash that’s gentle on the skin.

Kasthuri Kaha powder pack – The best gift for anyone wanting to clear up troubled skin.

Whiteglow cleanser – This cleanser gives your face a deep cleansing from inside out – gentle on the skin too.

Shea Butter Glycerin Bar – A face soap that leaves your skin feeling soft and cleansed.

Cinnamon Glycerine Bar – Soft and natural cleansing for your face.

Acne Range – Charcoal Glycerin Bar – Ideal for a clearer face and a soothing wash, a natural choice.

Pandan Leaf Face Wash – if soaps are not for you, then use this luxurious wash to clear your skin.

Kasthuri Kaha Night Cream – a magic touch with scar and pimple removal – apply every night for great results.

Potato Powder pack – Improve your skin overnight – use this to remove all scars.

Body Polishing & Lightning Kit – Whiteglow Body Scrub – to gently exfoliate and polish to reveal baby-soft, smooth skin

Kasthuri Kaha Body Lotion/Lavender Body Lotion to retain moisture and leave your skin feeling soft and                                                                fresh all day long

Whiteglow Skin Lightening & Polishing Body Scrub  – This is a perfect gift – with its on signature fragrance and soothing appeal, the best finale to a busy day.

Golden Jojoba oil – can be used to moisturize your hair or your skin.

Argan Oil/ Kasthuri Kaha Oil – To keep the scalp moisturized and your body feeling soft.

Keep the body feeling soft and moisturized – fragrance that invites a good night’s sleep.

Aloe Vera Body Lotion

Lavender Body Lotion

Lavender Oil

Each of these luxurious body lotions make perfect gifts every time.

Lavender Shower Gel – Use in the shower to leave you with fragrant, gently cleansed and soft skin.

Keep giving gifts that add value to every gesture – Aroma Bliss Natural face, skin, body and hair care products. Proudly made in Sri Lanka.

For more information, check out their FB profile or visit their stores in Nugegoda or Colombo.




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