When periods are painful…

Dr. Chanil Ekanayake Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist – Kotelawala Defence Academy Hospital
Dysmenorrhea – what are painful periods ?

Many women suffer from painful periods.

This problem impacts their day to day lives.

It is vital for you to know what dysmenorrhea is and if it impacts your lifestyle.

If you can’t engage in your everyday routines –  can’t go to work, school and need to use pain relief pills, that is significant enough to warrant attention.

You need to seek treatment if you are having this condition because it might be due to fibroids or also due to endometriosis.

When you cannot get pregnant..

Subfertility (Difficulty to get pregnant)  must be investigated. 

It could be because of problems related to the ovaries or a fertility problem related to the male. 

The other group is quite large which is unexplainable – often, can’t find a cause of the subfertility. This can be a tough issue to deal with.

What are sexual issues that we need to address?

People face sexual issues that can have an impact on their health and everyday lives.

It is important to understand if such issues must be dealt with by a psychiatrist or a gynecologist.

Demarcation between the two is based on whether the woman has the desire and arousal.

If she has the desire and the arousal but she can’t have penetrative intercourse, then it is a gynecological issue.

If there is no desire and arousal that could be more of a psychological or a psychiatric issue. 

The individual should be treated by a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

It is important to understand the difference and address the issue accordingly. 

What is contraception ?

Contraception is an important topic to women in the reproductive age group because it needs to be tailor made to fit each individual. 

The needs are different and varied. A couple who is newly married and a couple who already has few kids have different needs. 

Different contraceptive methods have their own strengths and weaknesses. The oral contraceptive pill may not be ideal for a woman raising a family. Because you need to take it every day, you might forget with all your work.

In such an instance, she can use Jadelle,  an implantation that can be put in the arm or used as a contraceptive device. 

For newly married couples oral hormonal contraception is suitable and it is commonly used.

Barrier methods also have advantages of preventing sexual transmitted diseases and that is the recommended method for a casual sexual encounter. 

Other new methods such as hormone releasing intrauterine device , in addition to contraception, can minimizes period pains and reduce heavy bleeding as well.

Depo Provera is an injection which can be given every three months after child birth as a contraceptive. 

While this can be a reliable method, it must be repeated  every three months – as a side effect, it might delay the menstrual cycle when stopped and may result in some weight gain.


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