Stay at Home Beauty tips

Follow these Stay at Home Beauty tips….

“Don’t touch your face!” That’s our new and constant mantra. 

But with all the Facetime and Zoom, that’s not easy.

With the Season coming whether we like it or not, skincare at home will be the big thing for all of us.

But how do we go about taking care of our skins in the middle of a pandemic that is affecting everything?

Check these tips out.

1. Develop a daily skin-care routine and stick to it.

Don’t get into the habit of doing nothing around the house.

Instead, work on developing a morning and evening skin ritual that will give your day a purposeful caring routine.

Remember the three must do basics – cleanser, moisturizer, toner and night cream.

Try to exfoliate at least once a week and do use a mask – available ingredients like yoghurt and turmeric (now very expensive and almost not available) would be just as good.

2.Try a skin-care kit to get back on track

Skin that is going nowhere can also give trouble.

Breakouts can happen when you are indoors and eating too much.

Go for a deep cleansing routine that will stabilize your skin – or use a face massage with simple coconut oil which is excellent for your skin.

 3.Keep up the exfoliation

You need to exfoliate weekly – as skin matures, cell turnover slows and you start noticing dull spots. 

Unless you scrub, the proper absorption of skincare products will also not happen.

Masks containing fruit acids or yoghurt will get rid of dead cells and clean the deeper layers of your skin.

You can use a towel as a scrub with hot water if you have to improvise just be gentle with your skin.

4. Change your habits

Don’t allow yourself to get into bad habits while at home. Don’t neglect your skin.

Remember to clean as you wake up and clean before going to bed.

If you are smoking, give up and remember to drink a lot of water. Water helps clear up the skin.

5.Remember to clean your makeup tools and makeup

Always remember to clean your make up brushes, and neaten up make up palettes – throw out old lipsticks and make up that you no longer use.

Remember that make up needs to be rotated regularly – usual shelf life for make up is about 5 years maximum.

You can wash them in soapy water and dry in sunlight. 

6. Exfoliate not just your face but your body also 

When you shower, remember to use a body scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells.

It is important to make sure you maintain overall skincare and not just for your face.

Use moisturizer on your body as well as your face – use a body cream. Pay special attention to feet and hands which get dried out often.

Remember that taking care of your skin doesn’t always mean going to a salon. You can take care of your skin right at home with these Beauty tips you need to follow regularly.


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