The kids have left! The Empty Nest beckons..

The kids have left!  The Empty Nest beckons..

The empty nest syndrome can hit you when you least expect it to.

The children have left home and are entering that phase of life when they are starting their own lives.

But there’s still a lot more of ‘living’ left !

What do you do?

The empty nest can be a sad time to experience; the house is silent – you miss the noise of shuffling feet, the “Mama” shouts, the dirty hands on the pantry tops and the clutter.

You may have once complained about the noise and the mess they made but now, you would give an arm and a leg to have it all back again. 

So really, what can you do not only to fill the empty hours but get back into a purpose filled life that will be both fulfilling and satisfying?

Check out these tips.

Go back to / find a hobby – 

There was a time when you did not have the space or the time for a hobby.

Now that the kids have left and finally, you find there are still many hours of the day left, turn to a hobby or a pastime that you either liked or have discovered afresh.

Hobbies can be refreshingly engaging and give you enormous satisfaction with a sense of accomplishment. 

A hobby can not only be a welcome change and an engaging one, but it can also encourage you to connect with others and inter-act with them, adding value to relationships along the way.

Volunteer –

Find the causes for which you ever had the time when the kids were around.

There are so many people in need and so many worthwhile causes looking for volunteers; volunteering is also time well spent.

Find a cause close to your heart or go join a community effort in your area with a friend.

Either way, you will be rewarded when you find that volunteering often enables you to reach out to others.

Travel –

Not a cliché but travelling when kids are out of the house is often leisurely visits, undertaken without the pressure of having to adhere to schedules.

Explore the world at your own pace – choose places you wished you could go to when kids were around and you were a family on the move. 

Start a project –

With time on your hands, look to invest it in a new project – like a vegetable garden.

Get involved in either starting a new project or re-inventing one you already started a while ago.

It can even be something like a reading club , a book club or a networking opportunity for other empty nesters.

But the idea is to do something that will add a sense of achievement to your day.

Reinvent a new you

Now you have time for a salon visit, colouring your hair, developing beauty routines and choosing a wardrobe – no hurried visits to the mall anymore. 

Find the time to browse, experiment with colour and choose things you can look and feel good in. 

When you fill the time and your life with new and interesting projects, you will be surprised as to how meaningful life in the post-kids phase can be.

The kids too would certainly be proud of you – the new you.


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