Battle of acne- Is it really worth fighting for!

There is no woman under the sun who has never got a bump on her face, somewhere in life, due to ‘don’t know why’ or for some known reasons such as stress, hormonal changes-close to menstruation, oily food or chocolates.

There can be a hundred and one more reasons for this messy stuff to pop out through your skin and sometimes become really annoying when they decide to say hello to you, close to a party or a special function you were waiting to go, all dolled up.

What if your face decides to freak out, exactly in the morning of your high school prom party?

Thanks to makeup and concealing creams you will probably be able to hide them, yet tend to receive this time to time inner-self alarming sensation as to whether they are visible and ruining all your gorgeous looks.

And what if those flashlights of cameras decide to penetrate through all those foundation creams and makeup bases just to highlight your pink bumps or dark scars beyond the pretty face?

That would be the end of all your self-esteem once they go up on Facebook or Instagram-even though people say that it doesn’t really matter as long as your inner soul is beautiful!

What do you think? Can acne or dark scars really decide on what your self-esteem and confidence could be?

For me, yes it might affect a lot, but for sure there should be a margin where I should be able to stop myself getting into the trap of overthinking which might completely avoid me from getting into interactions with the society as a result of so-called ‘low self-esteem’.

It is not surprising at all to know that acne could make a huge impact on our psyche as well as social habits, giving rise to more or less avoidance of social interactions, insecurity, self-effacing nature, and as a whole low self-regard in women falling into all forms of personalities, surprisingly including the ‘alpha’ type, as well.

Acne is not cool at all, but it definitely doesn’t mean that the ones who have all those bumps aren’t.

You know what?

It can be really comfortable to sit in a corner, hiding from cameras and giving a wide berth to people around you, but will you be able to do it forever?

It can be an intrinsic defense mechanism to deal with anxiety you might be developing due to your face-you think is ugly, but guess what would happen next!

When you entrust your face, not only your bumps would get concealed, but you will also be masking all the other beautiful and unique bits of your lovely self.

Making yourself confident, despite of all these imperfections will definitely take a long time and meticulousness, but for sure it will never let you down.

Those tiny little changes promise big and will result in absolute and numerous positive changes in your life.

Having all these questions and potential answers in the mind, how can we boost our confidence and self-esteem, without letting some useless pinky bumps to decide the present and future aspects and more importantly the happiness of our lives?

Is picking acne, really helpful?

We asked Dr. Solith Senanayake, Registrar, Internal medicine, Department of pharmacology, Sri Jayawardhanapura.

“No. This is where we all go wrong. Picking acne could unquestionably wipe off the pinky-yellowish nature of acne in no time, even though it could result in a local inflammatory response-swelling, itching, redness and bleeding may be- which is a matter of second and goes away soon. But popping and interrupting the natural history of this particular type known as cystic or hormonal acne could result in permanent scarring, which can later become darker and gross? According to the latest research studies they are the commonest form of acne which could scar easily and difficult to be treated as well. So, the best thing is to be patient and treat medical advice then and there before your face fills with unwanted scarring and pigmentation” he highlights.

Visit a dermatologist

“Like I mentioned, getting the right advice from a specialist in the field is highly recommended if you want to get rid of this skin problem. There are various medications including applications and oral capsules which work on acne so your doctor will decide the best option to go for, depending on your skin type and how severe the problem is” says Dr, Senanayake.

Topical antibiotics, hydrating applications and vitamin supplements play a major role in treating acne whereas those which are not responding to them, can be managed effectively with surgical interventions like ‘Cauterization’- where the cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist will right away poke the icepick scars with a needle supplied by a mild electric current.

In addition to all the routine therapeutic interventions, it is highly important to keep yourself clean and hygienic- select a mild face wash which won’t harass your skin (I personally prefer baby soap), get rid of dandruff, potentially a causative agent for facial acne and live a relaxed life, avoiding stress and anxiety.

It will take some time for treatments to work, based on how severe your condition is.


The change should start from within

First of all, you should accept yourself for who you are.

Then only the mind-body connection will start acting according to your wishes and dreams.

It will work for sure! There are many living proofs who got rid of acne permanently, sticking to this routine therapy involving, Belief, positive attitude, emotional upliftment and external medical interventions.

Medications will do their part very well, if you try your level best to enhance the power of inner self, giving a hand to them.

According to latest research studies, this power of inner self has a huge beneficiary effect on one’s immunity, thereby increasing the quality and rate of healing.

Meanwhile, concentrate more on your other work, rather than spending time in front of the mirror, criticizing your own appearance.

Haters are going to hate anyway, dogs are going to bark at you anyway, yet, who cares?

Don’t prevent yourself from reaching up above, just because people around you are criticizing or tell stuff behind your back about your scars or pimples or dark spots.

Let your emotions out! Say you are a loner, great! Write your feelings in a diary, say you are a social butterfly, great again! Lean on a friend who will listen to you and remind you why you are such a sweet and adorable soul who is important and valuable to them, despite of how you really look.

The point is ‘don’t ever keep your feelings all bundled up’ – Just let them out! In fact don’t let anxiety, stress and tension overthrow you and ruin your inner peace, which will sometimes affect the effectiveness of treatments you are on.

Battle of acne, is worth fighting for, but even if you lose it doesn’t really matter, because beauty comes within!

Experts, philosophers and great poets could say anything about a flawless skin, glowing and beautiful, but the bitter truth is that ‘perfection can never ever beat the beauty of imperfection!’



Dr. Solith Senanayake,

Registrar, Internal medicine

Sri Jayawardanapura.


















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