How to get that promotion

You can get promoted to the next level in your career – here’s how..

Yes you can get promoted to the next level in your career.

Countless others have done it before you.

Yes, as women we have challenges that can keep us from getting ahead – taking care of children, taking care of family and home while paying attention to the career.

But you can do it.

You need encouragement, motivation and the ability to get ahead in your career.

Never say no and never give in to feeling low or thinking that you can’t.

Check out our tips on how you too can get promoted to the next level in your career.

Update yourself on topic relevant to your industry –

Very few of us spend time on updating ourselves once we are knee deep in a career.

It is vital to update your knowledge and learn new things – many things change today. The world is not the same it was last month.

Make sure you do your homework on your industry and update your knowledge by doing research online.

Are you committed to the idea of getting promoted?

How committed are you to getting ahead in your career?

Very important for you to understand that getting ahead means going up the ladder.

You must be able to link your promotion to developing your career and your area of specialization.

First ask yourself the question whether you truly want to get ahead – then work towards that goal.

Talk to yourself and build confidence –

You have to walk the talk.

Getting promoted is also about heightened levels of confidence and the assurance that you are ready to move to the next level of responsibility.

Own it – act it and talk yourself into believe that you can indeed get ahead.

Dress the part – show your superiors and your colleagues that you are ready for success and can be trusted to be given the task.

When you are confident in your own capability, you are sending out messages that you are ready for career development.

Believe in yourself.

Show everyone that you can handle responsibility under pressure –

Often enough in life, small things convey the biggest messages.

Develop an attitude that shows everyone that you can indeed do what needs to be done.

Volunteer for opportunities – watch out for instances when you can indeed show that you can perform well under pressure or rise admirably to an occasion.

Take on challenging work – and show that you can be trusted with responsibility.

Take leadership in projects and focus on achieving results.

Empower yourself with a can-do attitude –

Nothing would work if you are not ready to handle it.

You need to convince yourself that you can do it.

Change your mindset form can’t do to can do – and give yourself the space to believe it.

No one can stop your success – though sometimes you can be your own harsh critic.

Change your way of thinking. Convince yourself that you can become better than you are today.

The first person we need to convince we can do something often is in our heads.

Start the change with you.

Change yourself.

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