Is there poison on your plate? How to eat healthy

Eat healthy is more than just a buzzword.

It has now become a motto by which we must live.

There’s too much junk food in our orbit and all of that is giving us ill health.

So how do we eat healthily?

Centuries ago, our ancestors ate healthier food that was not genetically modified.

Even today, there are seed banks here in Sri Lanka, lovingly nurtured by farmer communities, where seeds that are not genetically modified but survive from generation to generation, are stored and preserved.

The good news is that there are places where good old traditional food and cuisine can be sourced – and you can make the decision to add such food items to your everyday meals.

Going back to the roots of traditional healthy eating –

Centuries ago, wheat flour, refined products, and processed food were unknown.

Even as early as where 50 years ago, the food patterns were not as bad as they are today.

There was also a healthy choice to choose from – traditional cereals, rice varieties, vegetables, fruits, and pulses, each of which contributed towards ensuring everyday good health.

The good news is that there are farmer communities that still produce traditional food items the old fashioned way.

There are people who still cling to their traditional methodologies that retain the old and trusted ways of producing healthy food sustained through generations.

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A great e-commerce website where traditional and well known Sri Lankan food items are available directly sourced from sustainable farmer communities in the deep heartland of Sri Lanka.

Cutting down on fast food and processed food –

Some of us are literally addicted to fast food and processed food.

These are food that is drenched in oil, filled with additives and preservatives, and do nothing for our health except make us sick.

But we yearn for the taste, the flavor, the kick that comes from such treats.

Maybe you cannot give them up at once -you can certainly cut down on how often you eat fast food or processed food.

When you start eating less processed food and include more natural and untainted food in your diet, your body ill feel the difference.

You will be less bloated and feel fit and healthy.

Eat healthy with a wholesome diet of pulses, grains, cereals, and protein –

Eating healthy means including every food group in your diet – not just one.

In the olden days, people chose diets that were well rounded and included plenty of all the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

You can do the same today by choosing products such as heirloom rice, varieties of milk, and other options that are available now more than ever before.

Have a varied diet – keep your meals nourishing and packed with goodness.

Did you know that there are toxins on your plate?

Every time we make a choice of processed, fried, or instant food, we are loading more and more toxins on our plate.

It might be tasty but it is slowly poisoning our bodies.

Be mindful of that fact and eat healthily.

Be mindful that every time you choose foods, you have the option to go healthy, vegan, wholesome, and nutritious.

It might take a while to adapt but you will be glad you did.

There’s nothing better than including wholesome, traditional foods on our plate.

Our ancestors did not know Non-Communicable Diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and asthma which is already causing a huge impact on our society.

They ate healthily and led healthy lives.

We can too.

It is not too late to start.







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