Ageism in the work place – can you go back to work after 50?

Ageism in the workplace continues to be a factor that is still alive and well.

People are living longer thanks to living healthier and being conscious of their lifestyles.

Median age of longevity for both men and women has increased primarily due to better healthcare and lifestyle modifications.

As a result, women everywhere find themselves able to work longer years and retain their level of efficiency through their work.

But there’s a problem.

Even with retirement age no longer a barrier, more and more older women find it hard to find work as they hit the magic number -50.

What can be done to make things better? Just because we are older doesn’t mean we cannot productively contribute towards the success of our employer.

Here are 05 points you can think about as ways of overcoming the ageism found in the workplace.

Update yourself –

Yes it is possible for older people to update themselves.

You can learn to navigate the internet, check out hash tags, tweet and master Instagram.

There’s nothing impossible when it comes to tech learnings – just Google it.

Updating yourself , especially concerning technological trends and social media is vital for anyone over 50 – not only would this get rid of any bias in anyone’s mind about older people being outdated but it would also empower you to do things better.

Updating yourself means not only learning about technological aspects but also learning about newer systems and trending topics.

It isn’t rocket science either – any smartphone will help you learn fast.

There was a story about an 80 year old Japanese lad y who taught herself to code – so nothing is really impossible if you out your mind to it.

Don’t forget to share your experience and insights with others –

In fact, being older means you are more experienced – at your disposal are years of experience and learning in managing human relationships, work and almost any situation at work.

This is priceless information any young person would give an arm and a leg to learn.

This is not the kind of learning you can get from an MBA – it is life’s university of hard knocks, coming through years of experience that you could easily share with others.

Be willing to change –

Too many older women or men find themselves unwilling to change – it’s true that as the years set in, we can become set in our ways. This could go against us and actually encourage ageism in the work place.

Be willing to change – adapt and master the new ways of doing things. Things have changed, the world has moved on from the way you did things years ago.

Embrace change. Be willing to learn and you will see results.

Don’t think of age as a barrier –

If you think you are old, you are old.

Age is only a number – it cannot stop you from optimizing your potential.

Ageism in the work place is alive and well only if you allow it to. Never regard age as a barrier to do anything.

There are constant stories of older people taking up challenges and achieving results. If they can do it so can you.

Let your age be your crowning glory as you strive to overcome ageism and prejudice associated with age.

Allow yourself to learn –

There is always a great deal for us to learn no matter at what age we are.

Some of this learning will come from people younger than you and that is ok.

The key factor is allowing and enabling yourself to learn everything you need to know to make a success of yourself and your job.

So remember, ageism in the work place will work against you only if you allow it to.







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