Do you know the right way to protect your colour treated hair

Do you know the right way to protect your colour treated hair?

It is important to take care of your colour-treated hair correctly. We all colour our hair but it is important to know how to take care of it.

Coloured hair needs different protection methods, depending on the colour you use.

It’s best to do a conditioner treatment once in a while – there is a special treatment for colored hair which you can get it done at the salon.

Follow these tips to take care of your coloured hair the proper way.

For Red Coloured Hair –

Although it looks gorgeous, red coloured hair is a bit difficult to maintain, when compared to other colours because it washes off fast.

You would need a toner treatment two to three months following the colouring in order to refill the pigments – to get rid of the faded look which can happen so often with red hair.

The time to leave on treatment depends on the texture of your hair & washing frequency.

But remember that with red shadings, you definitely need color protection shampoo & conditioner to maintain the red shine and colour.

Brown Coloured Hair

Brown colored hair is the easiest to maintain since it does not wash off fast like other colors.

Use some aftercare products like a good shampoo and a conditioner to suit your hair type. Remember to use
a hair serum to protect your hair from damaging and also to avoid split ends.

Fancy Shades for Colour treated hair

Fancy shades and fashion colours are very much in but ideally must suit your personality and style.

Fancy shades mean pastel & rainbow colors ( blue, green, pink & ash).

These colors can’t be done without using bleach – which means that chemicals must be used to make the colour last longer.

Ideally, you must get a conditioner treatment done along with a toner treatment to make sure the colour stays well.

White Blonde Shades

White blonde shades look chic but they need a special shampoo called No Yellow Shampoo which is purple in colour.
If you use this shampoo you can protect the shade without it turning yellow, which can be unsightly.

Salt & Pepper Look – (Grey Hair Look)

Some of us like the salt and pepper grey hair look – there is a special shampoo called the silver shampoo which must be used in order to achieve this look.
It gives shine & a healthy look for your grey hair and helps you maintain it well.

Root Color – ( Covering of Gray Hair)

As you get older, grey coverage becomes a priority – hence, the grey hair management becomes a priority.

If you are using fashion shades or ammonia free colours for grey coverage, the greys tend to fade off after some time.

While you can focus on doing your roots every two to three weeks, once in a while, you need to touch the full length as well, when doing your root colour.

Taking care of your coloured hair means the following –

  • Condition your hair regularly
  • Take care inside by taking your vitamins and supplements to strengthen your hair from within
  • Do not blow dry always – it may frizz up your hair
  • When you wash your hair, towel dry softly with pulling your hair
  • Visit your hair stylist regularly to maintain your colour.
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