A fashionable collection of statement pendants for the Season…

Jewellery that makes a fashion statement.

Each a masterpiece created by master craftsmen who understand elegance and beauty expressed in statement jewellery that catch the eye and tell the world a powerful message about the wearer.

The beauty of the statement pendants is that they can carry you from a day at the office to any evening event of glamour.

They are versatile and fashionable, trendy and stunning, all at the same time. Just the perfect piece for the fashion conscious woman of today.

Take your pick of our suggestions and ideas for you to carry your statement pendants with taste and style this Season…

Combine pendants with colour block outfits –

Wearing your magnificent pendant with a one colour or a colour block outfit will highlight the pendant and its exquisite design.

It will make a stunning fashion statement about you as you make your entrance.

Wear your pendant as the highlight of your jewellery –

Remember to wear the pendant as the central piece of your jewellery – make sure your appearance highlights your fashion sense and unique style.

Don’t wear too many things with your statement pendant – it will disturb the over-all look. Combine it with one statement bangle or a matching bracelet and earrings for maximum impact.

Short or long chain  – make sure the pendant matches the neckline –

It is important to keep in mind the neckline when wearing your pendant – you can either use it with a long or a short chain – it will compliment both since it is one of a kind piece of jewellery created by master craftsmen who understand the sleek, the elegant lines of heirloom jewellery.

But remember to keep your neckline in mind; if you are wearing a closed neck or a buttoned up neckline, go for a longer chain.

If you are wearing a V shaped neckline or an open neckline, choose a shorter chain which will set off the beauty of the pendant to perfection.

Go from day function to evening glamour –

The statement pendants are so glamourous yet functional and elegant that you can easily wear it from a day function to a glittering evening event – the pendants look resplendent when combined with any outfit, transforming your over-all look into one of perfect visage.

Storing your statement pendants the right way –

As with all jewellery, remember to take proper care of your statement pendants.

Store them in their boxes and remember not to spray perfume on them at all times.

Wipe gently if any perfume or sweat does get on them.

There’s nothing like beautiful jewellery exquisitely created, to bring out the best in you.

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