Follow these simple beauty tips during lockdown

Lockdown has kept us all away from our salons and beauty tips.

Be it in doing our hair, our nails, our eyebrows, or our faces, we can’t remember the last time we visited the salon.

When will this end? We don’t know.

But until then, we can use the following tips to take care of ourselves, our skin, and our hair.

Even though we may be at home, some of us are still running our businesses and are working from home.

Cleanse –

Even though we may not be going out, our skins still need to be cleansed properly. Sebum which is secreted by the skin accumulates and needs to be washed out.

This means that you must follow a daily skincare regime, even though you are at home. It is the simplest of all beauty tips for you to follow.

Use a facial cleanser as you normally do once in the morning and once at night.

Wear night and,  a day cream to make sure your skin is hydrated and taken care of.

Exfoliate –

The skin build-up is taken off when you scrub your face – if you don’t have access to a facial scrub, use homemade honey and brown sugar scrub – just mix a tablespoon each and apply softly on your face, wash off.

Exfoliating helps us get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores.

When exfoliating, remember to massage your skin gently in circular motions stimulate the skin.

Remember that exfoliating is among the best yet the most simple beauty tips around.

Use a pack –

Homemade face packs are popular as ever and are very useful when you cannot go out to buy anything.

Simply put together some sugar and mashed up cucumber – refrigerate for a few minutes. Apply on your face and wash off after about 10 minutes – cucumber makes your face glow and hydrate.

Or you can mix lemon juice and honey (equal parts of each) and throw in an egg white – leave on face for 10 minutes and wash off.

Face packs give that nourishment to your face – we all need it even when we are locked up inside.

Hydrate –

Drink plenty of water – more so because the weather is hot and you need to keep your skin hydrated.

Keep drinking water throughout the day. It’s best to start the day with a warm glass of water before taking your tea or coffee.

Warm water is preferred to iced water by many but hey, it’s very hot out there so many want your iced water.

Avoid sun –

Sun exposure is associated with aging skin and causing sunburn – with such hot weather out there, it is best to avoid exposure to the sun.

Wear sunscreen if you are exposed to the sun or wear a wide-brimmed hat when out in the sun. Or carry an umbrella that will help you stay in the shade.

And remember to wear sunglasses to shield your eyes.

Remember that establishing a good skincare regime is vital for everyday beauty.

Whether or not you go for facials and other salon treatment, taking good care of your skin, at the end of the day, is your responsibility.

You must pay attention to yourself – taking good care of your skin is a favor you owe yourself.

Often, if you are taking good care of your skin, you will not need expensive and complicated salon treatment.

Be good to yourself – you are your own beautiful self.


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