Why you should not work in your pajamas..

Ok so working from home is not turning out to be a great experience – when the process lasts longer than you expect.

Some of us are used to working from home but for many, the established office routine is something that they have looked forward to.

Working from home might be great for the entrepreneur or the remote work mom who’s used to having children around and the general home chaos but for others, it can slowly become a nightmare.

So how do you cope with the stay in and work from, home scenario?

Don’t work in your pajamas –

Follow your normal routine and get dressed – ok so maybe not your office regulars but do take a shower and dress without lounging all day long in pajamas.

This sets the tone for you to get into the work mindset.

Although people might think of dressing for the occasion as trivial, it is actually very important for us to feel confident and ready.

Try to stick to office routines –

Try to be ready on time as you would normally do during workdays.

Even if there isn’t much to do, you can always get ready for the new project or do some research online.

Getting up, getting ready, and choosing to sit down at one place to attend to a task adds a sense of predictability and comfort to our routines.

Don’t set high standards for yourself-

The entire world is in quarantine – there’s no need for you to expect a very high standard of work during such tough times.

We are all struggling with what’s happening around us so there’s no need to think that unless you get a lot of work done, you will be left behind.

A crying child who needs attention or a dog that keeps barking while you are trying to conference call with clients or office is a distraction that everyone else who is also homebound, would understand.

You have to keep in mind that you are doing the best you can – for now, that will have to do.

Use the time to do the things you have never had time to do –

Many of us have tasks that we keep postponing simply because we don’t have the time on everyday workdays.

Things like special projects and research exercises – well, guess what, this could be an ideal time for you to start on such projects now.

Brainstorm yourself –

Stuck at home, this might actually be a good time to think up creative ideas.

Brainstorm yourself – anything and everything can be an inspiration for you for a new idea.

Children and their needs, neighbors, family, and others who might be needing something and some service now – it could spur you on to develop the next big thing.

Sit down with yourself – find gaps in time when you could sit and focus on whatever it is that you need to get your creativity revived.

People have been inspired by the most mundane circumstances to innovate products and services that have changed the world.

Maybe you can too.


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