Stay at home challenge – Connect with your family

Time at home has now become the norm – and the best way to spend your time.

Which is why we must be able to make good use of it.

For some of us, spending time with the family had become something rushed and hurried, often reserved for weekends or special holidays.

And now, we have so much of time on our hands, with nothing to do but stay indoors.

And yes, it would be a great time to connect or perhaps re-connect with our families.

At times, it might even be awkward – you suddenly are no longer busy or occupied with your career or work – and there are people in the house you love and care about yet connecting might be indeed a tough one.

So what do you do and where do you start?

Determine to do things together –

You can still stay at home and yet be occupied in your own universe. Each one may stay in their own orbit, watching movies, or doing things that they have always done.

Don’t have to be so.

Make it a point to do something together – one thing.

Maybe watching a movie together, eating together, or simply sitting around talking – they are all great ways to reconnect with the family.

Spend that time actually listening and interacting with them. Keep phones out of the scenario and listen to the children.

Once you start making the connections, it feels great – and you would be happy o set this time aside to connect every day.

Do something that involves the contribution of all family members –

A great way to do this is to cook together – involve the kids in the simplest of tasks but make sure that everyone contributes.

It could be a family cleaning exercise or even re-arranging the furniture.

The tasks themselves don’t have to be significant – they may be mundane but the key factor is that every member of the family has something to do.

The final result is the corporate effort of the entire family – and something everyone can be proud of.

Set aside a time of leisurely activities that can be done together –

This could be as simple as reading together – each one reads his or her own book but everyone sits together in the same space ideally.

It could be drawing or even playing a board game – the physical closeness brings out the family camaraderie and helps seal close connections between all family members.

Share memories from common family activities & times spent together

Talking about how you as a family have spent great times together, seals the bond, and brings back fond memories. For a family, it’s common identity as a unit, doing things together, make a powerful connection.

You can bring back photos, share times when kids were small, particular anecdotes about special occasions – anything that brings back precious memories and enables each of you to connect at a deeper, closer level.

As the entire world learns the patience and the ability to spend time at one indefinitely, for a family it can be a precious time of making vital connections.

In our busy lives, these are the most precious things that money cannot buy – spending time together, cherishing the memories, and above all, teaching the next generation of tech-savvy, internet surfing children that nothing beats the family times.



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