Why gender inclusion an opportunity for the Sri Lankan corporate sector..

“Diversity is being invited to the party – inclusion is being asked to dance.”

– Verna Myers-

Gender inclusion has today become a topic that goes beyond the mere diversity portfolio of the HR department.

All over the world, gender inclusion is becoming more than a mere buzzword – it has come to add significance and relevance to organizations throughout the globe.

But the question remains – do organizations see it as an opportunity to engage with better opportunities for women or do they view it as an impediment?

Why do we say that?

Because too often the gender report card is not as transparent or prioritized as it should be.

So, let’s see why and how it can become an opportunity for the corporate sector in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka already has a higher percentage of women – 53% who can contribute towards the workforce

With an over-all 53% advantage, more women are getting qualified than ever before and choosing to enter the workforce.

More women than ever before seeking full-time employment in careers that they are sometimes over-qualified for.

Their contribution towards the national economy and growth is vital – not just because they are women but because they often are willing to take o challenging careers and achieve results.

A balanced gender scorecard contributes towards an organization’s over-all ranking –

Organizations today need to tick plenty of boxes in order to score high in ranking – whether in the corporate world or in the community.

Globally, having a balanced gender scorecard goes a long way in affirming an organization’s ranking.

It should be the same for Sri Lanka.

Having women employees at multiple levels – going all the way from primary ranks to senior, could only be a plus point for companies looking to engage more positively with their stakeholders and their community.

The inclusion of women at a visible level is a powerful statement about the organization’s commitment to gender parity –

Today, the gender balance card as a concept goes beyond what may be seen as paying lip service to the latest fads and trends.

The organization’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding women at various points of the career progress sends a powerful message to the business world and the community that there are recognition and acknowledgment given to inclusion and diversity.

This would encourage younger women to consider careers that would be empowering and engaging.

It would also empower talented and capable women to seek professional advancement based on their talent and skill.

To the community, it sends a significant message that women are not just included but also encouraged and empowered to give their best to the organization and the community at large.

Gender inclusion gives greater visibility to organizations at a global level –

The global business community remains passionate about gender inclusion – for organizations that do business with the world, catering to female customers at a B to B level, or seeking to establish professional relationships with the world, including more women on their teams would send out the right signals.

In today’s competitive world, having more women on the team can even be considered an advantage by some companies.

Organizations that engage with female audiences benefit from gender inclusion –

For organizations that address or target female consumers, having women on board can be a great advantage.

Women audiences everywhere often prefer to purchase from organizations that prioritize gender parity – especially when female consumers know that the organizations understand and gives due recognition to the inclusion of women, understanding their needs while giving them equal opportunities that allow them to make better use of their talents and skills.

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