Mom entrepreneurs, are you building or ruining your business?

Are you a mom entrepreneur juggling it all?

Entrepreneurship is a tough road to take for mom entrepreneurs – those who choose this path often are likely to make mistakes that can ruin the business as it grows.

If you are a mom entrepreneur, that’s why you should be reading this.

Sometimes not everything we do will improve or build our business.

There are many instances of this happening.

So what can we do to make sure that we don’t impede the growth and expansion of our business?

Check these tips out to make sure you as a mom entrepreneur are not making the kind of mistakes that you can easily avoid.

Don’t mix up your personal life and you work life –

As mom entrepreneurs, many moms balance household chores, kids and cooking while managing the business.

Yet you must be able to give your time specifically to your business for some part of the day. Make that time your business time without disturbances and chores.

Take care of your health as an entrepreneur and remember to give time to what needs to be done.

Set aside a time for this. You might need time to call clients or concentrate on building the business or planning your next move.

In other words, do not mix up work and home front – even if you re working for yourself.

Allocate yourself some work specific place in your home – and use that as your office.

Stick to a routine –

Developing routines are vital in life whether you are building a business or otherwise.

Develop a routine and stick to it. Make sure that everyday, at a specific time, you attend to your work. It maybe after you have taken kids to school and finished up the kitchen chores.

But make sure that you keep those times specifically to answer e mails, call clients, set up meetings and source suppliers.

Routines help us and those we are in contact with, in assuring that we will do what we have undertaken to do.

Learn to be persistent –

As an entrepreneur, you would be called upon to give free products or service or may find yourself facing difficult gate keepers who may not allow you to access possible leads or clients.

Entrepreneurship is not so much about being dismayed over not being able to get in through the door.

It is all about being persistent and consistent – in everything you do.

From following up diligently on a difficult client to approaching new opportunities, women entrepreneurs must develop that extra edge – be at it.

Learn to be gracious but to be able to say no to propositions that don’t work for your business.

Prioritize in all that you do –

Can something wait? Good – attend to things that cannot wait.

Develop a list of priorities.

And then attend to them in a way that adds value to everything you do.

Undoubtedly you would have hundred things to get done – in your business as well as on the home front.

Attend to those that need immediate attention.

Prioritize your time to tasks that need to be attended to at once.

This way, you will be able to get it all done albeit with different time levels.

Allocate your time properly –

Don’t neglect your family to run your business and don’t neglect your business to take care of the home front.

Remember that time we have for a day is limited and learn to allocate your time to the tasks that need your attention.

Don’t cram everything into 24 hours or else you will face burn out.

Set the clock around what needs to be done in the business and the home – if you can start early, you can get a lot done.

Work out a daily schedule that would make sense to both your business and to your family.

Enlist help and reach out when needed – your time is precious and you must be able to divide it accordingly.

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