How concerned should you be with health after 50?

In today’s tech-driven world, 50 is the new 30. More and more women – and men are enjoying longer, healthier lives. Yet, some issues do crop up when you hit big five-o; how concerned should you be with your health when you reach 50?

Growing old gracefully is not just a saying – but one that captures the essence of maintaining good health and good habits as we age. We all know that living badly in the early years can take a toll on one as you age.

Living healthily is an option we all have. After 50, we must understand that there will be significant changes. We are not able to keep up the hours we did when we were younger. A movie with a quiet dinner on a Friday night is more appealing than a night out on the town.

There are also areas we should watch out for as we get older. Let’s look at some.

Eat wisely –

Eating as you please, eating junk food and sugary food is a no go area as you age – non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions are common occurrences today. Eating a sensible diet consisting of healthy grains, low GI foods such as whole wheat and multi-grain, more fish and less sugar and salt is key to developing good health in your old age. Of course, you can have the occasional treat.

Exercise –

Exercising daily is a must to maintain overall health. This doesn’t always have to be a sweaty session at the gym – a daily walk is good enough. Consistency is key. Staying active also helps – working around the house, climbing steps, gardening and cleaning are great ways to stay in shape.

 Get regular medical check-ups –

Get yourself tested at least once a year – a general medical checkup is important to keep a tab on anything that might be developing. A medical checkup can help you determine your level of health and will give you adequate notice of anything you should be concerned about.

Maintain brain-stimulating activity –

Old age can come upon you in ways you cannot fathom. One good way to keep dementia at bay is to engage in brain-stimulating activity that can help you stay active and alert. Crossword puzzles, games, and other activities that encourage you to stay alert are

Get involved –

Stay active – get involved in things that make you happy and keep you occupied. Never give up on the zest of life. As they say, fifty is the new thirty. Find a cause – give your tie and energy. Spend time with people – be involved so that you can be content emotionally. It is important for us to get involved in causes, projects, or activities that keep us active.

Remember that life is a journey – good health is vital to making sure that it is a journey worth taking. This is why as you get older, you need to be able to take proper care of yourself.

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