Help – the kids have grown up and left the house! What do I do?

It isn’t always easy to discover one day that your home is now the empty nest.

That’s right. The empty nest.

The kids have grown up and left. They have created their own lives, their own nests.

This is a time when most women, usually hitting the late Fifties by then, find plenty of time on their hands and a slightly bewildered spouse staring at them across the kitchen table.

Worry not. Just like most phases of life, this too shall pass. Into a phase that will help you to sit back and enjoy the quietness, the solitude, and the time you will now have to spend with your spouse.

Check out our 5 tips on how you can not only overcome and deal with the stage but also overcome challenges that accompany this stage.

Is that a new hobby?

Re-invention is the name of the game.

A new hobby can be refreshingly welcome. You can take up something totally different – something you have never tried before. What packs a punch is a fact that it is indeed novel – as a pastime.

A new hobby will also present new opportunities to connect with people of similar backgrounds. You would benefit from the exposure and the change of scenery.

Outrageous too? Maybe. Just make sure it doesn’t compromise your health.

Develop a steady time table –

Planning your day around a predictable routine is also a good idea.

As long as it doesn’t become boring or repetitious, you will be able to add some stability and predictability to your daily routine.

Did you know that predictability is sometimes – as in this case – helpful?

It doesn’t have to be watertight – just a guideline on what you would be doing at this time of the day.

Mentor someone –

Yes, that’s right.

When you are hitting the eventful 50+, you have plenty of insights to share.

So go on, start mentoring someone. Give your time and effort into empowering someone who will appreciate the gesture and will also learn from it.

After all, our experiences and expertise can be put to good use in reaching out to the next generation. It is always deeply satisfying to be able to do so.

Take on a project –

There’s nothing more exhilarating than taking on a project when the empty nest hits.

A project can be anything – from charity to redecorating. It may also be something that will give you an opportunity to do something entirely different.

But a project will always help you stay connected, busy, and charged with the fervor of accomplishing something.

Travel –

Ah, our favorite option – we all love to travel in that laid back, no hurry fashion that never occurs when the kids are around.

This is the kind of travel that does not rush you from one tourist attraction to another but the kind that allows you to sip your wine and watch the sunset from the beach. Or the hotel room. Or the Parisian café.

So go on, take your pick.

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