Satynmag In conversation with a Tech Power Woman…

Hansamali Gamage is a Tech Power Woman Satyn is proud to feature in our series of Power Women.

A mother to a young baby, Hansamali is soft spoken – but as a Tech Specialist who is recognized by Microsoft as a MVP, she travels to Tech Meet Ups around the world where she addresses tech audiences successfully.

Hansamali shares her story of success with us at Satyn. Her success story us dotted with ‘can-dos ; she speaks of a time when her blog was recognized for its outstanding content. The folk at the tech meet up thought she was male, when her efforts were praised and considered noteworthy. They later realized their mistake.

Hansamali speaks of many occasions when she could have held back or given a miss, but she always chose to move on, to make her voice heard, get her expertise seen and heard.

” Many didn’t think I could go in front of an audience and successfully deliver a talk – but I did. I was determined to be able to get it done.”

Today, she is a voice for the women in tech in Sri Lanka as she travels to address tech meet ups and maintains her blog which attracts techies from all over the world.

Hansamali believes that more women can and must enter the field of tech – there are considerable numbers of women passing out of engineering faculties in universities. Yet, not everyone ends up in tech.

She also believes that the support she gets from her family is vital for her career success.

” You may not have formal qualifications but don’t be discouraged. You can get qualified on line or use many of the resources available. There is always potential if you are willing to harness it.”

“Don’t give up. Believe in yourself, your talent and your skill.”

Hansamali represents the next generation of women- capable, confident, assured of what they can do – anywhere in the world.

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