From singing in trains to Bollywood – Ranu Mondal’s story of hope..never give up

” A woman has to live her life or live to repent not having lived it” –

D.H Lawrence

Ranu Mondal was no celebrity yet she never gave up.

Until the Internet made her a singing sensation with one video that went viral.

Today, from singing in trains for a living in India to a Bollywood contract, Ranu Mondal is a woman who shows is that nothing, literally nothing, is impossible to achieve in today’s tech enabled world.

The 59 year old woman went on to sing in a train in West Bengal, India as she has always done.

The rest is internet history.

Ranu Mondal is now billed to sing in a Bollywood hit along side Himesh Reshammiya, a Bollywood star.

So what can we learn from Ranu’s life changing experience?

That simply put, nothing is impossible if you have the talent and the capability.

Check out the following tips as to how you too can achieve great success as Ranu did. Never give up – always be positive – and share your success with the world.

Never feel small –

Ranu Mondal went on singing in the trains – she was never discouraged, never felt small about what she did for a living. If you have the ability, the rest will come.

Always take pride in what you can do. However big or small, it is what you do and it is your way of doing it.

Believe in yourself –

Ranu Mondal believed in her ability to sing – which is how she got the Bollywood break. Bollywood knows a thing or two about a great singing voice.

She knew what she was capable of – her talent which she could show off at any time, whether in a train or in a recording studio.

Always remember that you can achieve success – if you can plan for it.

Never give up –

Ranu could have given up on her voice – but she didn’t. She could have chosen to do other things, perhaps more economically beneficial. But clearly, she knew what she was good at and chose to make a living out of her talent.

Never give up on yourself – remember that you have something of value to offer the world.

With technology available at your finger tips, you can reach the world with your talent and make it available for anyone who might be interested in pursuing it.

If you can sing as Ranu did, make a recording and put it on line.

If you can cook, cook a dish and showcase it on line.

Whatever it is that you are good at , remember that it can be used to achieve greater things.

Develop your skills –

Never sit on what you can do and be content with it – look at ways in which you can fine tune your skill, develop it or perfect it. Remember that the more you develop it, the more it will work for you in the long term.

So keep working and keep developing your skill.

Be positive –

In whatever you do, remember that being positive helps. Look forward to greater things – be thankful for what you have.

Working out your success can be just one step away – remember to stay connected and stay positive.

Look to the future with hope. Never give up on your dreams or yourself.

Ranu Mondal’s story teaches us many lessons – are we willing to learn?


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