How to build a professional career from the beginning

Careers are built on hard work and success. Career building is not easy but can be done.

Each career is different and carry with it its own set of accomplishments that must be achieved in order to climb the ladder of success.

As a woman, climbing the career ladder is never easy. But it is fulfilling indeed when you know that you can actually build your career from the start if you know the road map.

How do we know the road map?

The road map to building you career is based on key factors. You gain experience, expertise and career building blocks as you go on your journey.

Many fail to grasp these vitals – they often talk of heading straightaway into short charging your career with success after success.

Let’s start with the road map blocks.

Expertise comes with experience –

Experience is still the best teacher. You will gain experiences you go along. Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg didn’t get to their destinations overnight. It took years of experience, fine tuning their expertise before they could become the powerhouses of success they eventually became.

Wait it out – learn as much as you can before you can call yourself an expert in your career area.

Set achievable goals along the way –

One set of achievements at a time.

No one gets to be the CEO or the COO in a matter of years – it takes effort so set yourself achievable goals along the way. That way, you will be able to develop areas that need addressing and perfect skills at which you excel.

When you set yourself smaller, achievable goals, you can actually accomplish much along the way.

Don’t let ambition lift you into an artificial high –

We are all guilty of being too ambitious at some point in our careers. But remember that some fall for the ambition elixir which can be intoxicating but disappointing when it doesn’t always go the way you expect it to.

Be practical and sensible in your approach to building your career. Be ambitious yes but not too ambitious ; allow yourself time to evaluate your current goals and your future one. Sit down with yourself and take stock.

Build long term goals that are achievable –

Building goals in any career is vital for its success.

Build yourself achievable goals – set short term ones but focus on long term goals. What do yo really want to be in the long run? Would you be happy with the stars if you miss the moon in your goals? Let them be achievable and well grounded. That way, you will not be disappointed but actually be happy with your progress. Allow yourself time to work on short term goals before progressing to long term ones. And constantly evaluate them against timelines of success.

Remember that time doesn’t wait for anyone

Keep in mind that time does indeed fly. Sometimes you may miss the career goal but find yourself running out of time to achieve all that you must do before you hit the jackpot. Always remember that we do not have all the time in the world to do everything we want to do – be conscious of time passing and of how much you can achieve within set timelines.

Be practical in all that you set out to achieve – and you will get there.

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