In Conversation with Sheranga Senanayake – Satyn Power Women

Sheranga Senanayake brings fresh insights into Satynmag’s Power Women segment – as Head of Group Corporate Communications at LAUGFS Holdings, she has years of experience behind her, having worked overseas and in Sri Lanka.

Sheranga has worked in many different environments across markets – from multinationals to private corporations. Her exposure has enriched her experiences and has contributed towards her ability to master her area of expertise.

Sheranga believes that it is important to take control of your career ; never allowing it to control you. ” Take charge of your career – enhance your knowledge, not just academic skills but knowledge that empowers you. We have women achieving higher levels of academic learning but we also need to be able to master other skills that empower us for success.”

” I think there are many opportunities for women in Sri Lanka -it is up to us to make use of those opportunities. Perspectives matter.”

” Keep on learning ; never stop learning. Master the critical skills that will enable you to achieve success no matter what your chosen career path is.” she points out,”Navigating the challenging environment is vital to success. Not just developing the right skill set but also making sure that you possess the right attitude is also important. Make sure you develop the right mindset. Success calls for consistency and continued efforts. Results take time and require hard work. ”

“Never allow yourself to think like a victim. Always give yourself the ability to learn new things. There are many free resources available today  – make use of those resources.  Focus on not just the negatives but the positives as well. Keep on learning and adding to your experiences.”

Check out Sheranga’s interview here.



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