Five facts to ensure a healthy heart

We all know that heart health is important – and that being concerned about our hearts should ideally commence when we are young. Today, with couch potato lifestyles and too much time spent in front of a computer or twiddling a smartphone, we must be spending more time on being concerned about how healthy our hearts are.

But where do we start? often, ensuring a healthy lifestyle is not a complicated thing ; making simple changes towards being healthier on purpose can always be done. You must make that effort to include the changes that will ensure a healthy you.

Let’s look at a few key factors about heart health.

Minimize stress –

Obviously, we cannot rule out stress altogether. There will always be a certain amount of stress in our lives but can we minimize it. It helps not to be worried about things out of your control. And to remember to switch off at a certain time everyday. Too many people carry the days stress to their beds and sleep with heavy heads or hearts. It is a good idea instead to leave the stress out consciously before you get ready for bed.

Switch off at a specific time every day –

It is important to be able to switch off the work mode at a given time everyday – use the left over time to spend with your family, loved ones or watching a movie even reading, which is increasingly going out of habit. Do it deliberately – if not, you will never switch off and will stay in the work mode constantly which can burden your heart and impact its health.

Exercise everyday –

The benefits of regular exercise can never be underestimated. Keep at it even though it might seem not possible at the beginning. The more you exercise, the more you will understand the benefits of staying active not just for your heart but for your entire body. Exercise helps us at multiple levels, improving our physical and our mental well being over-all.

Get a regular check up –

Many people feel fine so they do not go for regular check ups. Fact – you don’t have to wait until you are sick. Most major health complications are discovered during routine check ups. Make sure you get a regular screening done, at least once year so that your doctor can make recommendations of what you need.

Live one day at a time –

Too many of us live either in the past or in the future and miss the moment of right now. Keep in mind to live one day at a time – do not spend time worrying about the future. Whenever problems come up, take a deep breath and count to ten as they say. As you get older you feel the need to avoid drama and discord, instead preferring to stay cool in even the toughest situation.

Remember that heart health starts with you – you have to consciously make the choices that assure you of a healthy heart. Exercising, eating right, cutting down on sweets and carbs, avoiding stress and taking time out to do the things that make you happy are key to ensuring you have a healthy heart.



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