Building a great business on a great idea – women entrepreneur stories

Can you turn a great idea into a business?

Yes you can.

The world is full of those who have done so. A great idea that became a business allows you to understand a need and work on ways that transfer that need into a thriving business.

Over the years, many entrepreneurs have built a business based on needs they themselves  have experienced – needs that were not being met.

Taking a beak can be a good business idea –

Harriet Mills found herself without a job when she had her baby ; undaunted, she headed to an art studio where she had a glass of wine and took paint classes. Her business, Wine & Design , was thus born. Her website creates events where people can book an art class and sip wine as they take a break and paint. The big idea here was a need for a break which so many of us have felt time and again.

An idea can come from your own experience –

Nellie Akalp sold her first business for US $ 20 million when she and her husband were newly married. Having seen a gap in the market where entrepreneurs don’t know how to handle all the paperwork needed for a business, she promptly started CorpNet, which handles all the paperwork needed for any industry efficiently on behalf of would-be entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is all about ideas yet unborn –

Almari was the start up envisioned by an 18 year old from Mumbai; Leher Ali, together with her mother, founded Almari, which is all about storing good clothes in a safe location, steam presses or dry cleans them and delivers them when needed. Her service is popular in a busy city such as Mumbai given the fact that space available in limited. Ali believes that they are catering to a clientele who do not have the time or the space to store expensive clothes that must be well maintained.

Turning functional needs into a business –

Buttercups is a leading Indian online lingerie company founded by Arpita Ganesh in 2014. She was able to obtain seed funding from leading venture capitalists and today, the business has grown into a key player in India’s online lingerie market which is estimated to be of a value of US$ 4.7 billion by 2021. Functionality and appeal are key factors that appeal to the customers of Buttercups; the brand is hoping for greater growth as awareness expands.

A vision can proper you to success –

A vision was what drove a young mother, Maria Merce Martin when she came to the US as Chavez took over as President in her country Venezuela. She never looked back; today, her venture Optime Consulting, which she launched grosses US$12 million annually. The company provides human centric solutions in sales and marketing across markets, delivered through various channels of engagement.

All these stories tell us tales of encouragement, innovation, going where no one has gone before and the strength to hold them together; there has been failure and heartache along the way. But success awaits all those who are able to take the risk and go forward.

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