If you are an upcoming female entrepreneur, this is what you should not do..

Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy.  Especially for a female entrepreneur.

More so when you are a woman struggling with children, home front and a million other things mothers and wives must attend to.

While there are many things one must do to start on the entrepreneurial journey, (we have lots of articles on the topic here at Satynmag),  there are also things that one must not do.

What are these things that should not be done?

Let’s check out 5 such things here.

Don’t confuse your business and your personal life –

Many make the mistake of mixing up their personal life with their work life. It is ok to multi task between the two but it is a mistake to mix up the two. When you work, make sure you work – keeping the personal issues at bay. As an entrepreneur, sometimes we work around the clock. Often, you work from home so how do we keep the two sides separate? It is to be found in the way we deal with things. Taking care of sick children is something you have to do even when you are emailing clients but can you find the space to engage with your clients totally without diverting your attention – now that’s how you see it separate.

Don’t leave things unattended for longer than 24 hours –

As an entrepreneur, you must be available to your clients and feedback is vital. You must make that follow up call and you must be able to engage consistently with your clients and the business without interruptions. Which means calls must be answered, business proposals followed up and emails returned. All of this ideally must be done within a 24 hour cycle. There are many software options that allow you to track the calls, the emails and the meetings.

You just need to be able to figure out how to get it all done. Easily said than done of course but that’s the metal in the fire being tested.

Don’t mix up your business funds and your personal funds –

When you are working for yourself, it is tempting to put your hand in the till. But that’s what you should not do. Always try to get an allowance or a salary from your business. The income you get must be properly managed with relevant financial mechanisms in place. Salaries and suppliers must be paid and due diligence done wherever needed. Need make the mistake of dipping into company funds.

Don’t employ friends and family on a favor extension basis –

Many people good heartedly make the mistake of hiring friends and family without ensuring proper systems are followed. They must be qualified for the job and they must not regard it as a favor you are doing them. Sometimes, employing family and friends can be a disaster. It is always better to avoid such situations and find those who are not connected but able and reliable.

Don’t get disheartened – pursue your entrepreneurial dream –

It is sometimes easy to give up and forget about your dream venture. There is always too much work involved and too many risks. But you must not give up. It is your idea, your venture, your project. Stay on it through the tough times and you will eventually be successful. Being disheartened at times is a part of the entrepreneurial journey; but eventual success lies in being tenacious and sticking it out.

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