What can you learn from Kylie Jenner’s make up & skincare success?

Kylie Jenner is the world’s favorite when it comes to all things makeup.

Her famous lip kit and the rest of her make up lines have flown off the shelves – now her skincare range has also proven to be a hit.

Kylie launched her skincare line just a few days ago and they sold out in no time. So what’s special about this young woman’s successful take over of the world of makeup first and then skincare?

Kylie’s brilliant marketing –

Kylie’s carefully positioned and brilliantly drawn up marketing works wonders for her line. The skincare line is sleek pink, the packaging matches the clothes she is wearing as she presents her Instagram videos. There a strong message there – she maybe 21, but she has a cult following that delivers results every time she launches a product. She knows what ticks for them – and she is not afraid to plan her entire marketing effort around it.

Kylie is her own brand ambassador –

She grew up around fame and exposure on the Kardashian TV show – she is used to being an icon of glamour and success. Kylie personally presents her makeup and her skincare – she connects with the fans and enables her fans to connect with the products that she has created. it is a powerful message that she conveys with the brilliance of a well-established superstar. Her followers are her greatest asset – they will go for anything that she endorses.

Kylie sticks to a trusted and winning formula –

Kylie knows what works with her audience – she doesn’t go into territories that are too outside her area of strength. She has built a cosmetic empire and has emerged an expert in the field; her makeup success naturally can extend to skin care. She knows what she is good at and what sells – so she sticks to that formula without going into unknown areas and takes risks.

Kylie understands and uses the power of social media –

If any celebrity is an absolute darling of social media, it is Kylie Jenner. Her millions of fo fans across the world look to her social media persona to not just view the latest updates but identify with what she peddles on social media. If anyone, she understands the sheer power of Instagram and is not afraid to use it to generate sales and sustain her powerful brand. She knows how to use the power of social media and – combining it with themes and colors that support a power-packed narrative all her own.

Kylie Skincare meets the market requirements –

Her products meet the requirements of today’s consumers – it marks all the boxes effectively. They are cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten free – paragon and sulfate-free, suitable for all skin types. Her range is modern in thinking and application – she has hit the nail on the head.

The 21-year-old make-up and now skincare mogul knows how to enter the market with success and stay there – she has worked out the formula and knows how her customers respond and how they will wait for wit bated breath for the products.

Perhaps one of the greatest stories of entrepreneurship ever to hit the skincare market.


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