How do you deal with life changing trauma?

It is important to know about overcoming trauma in your life.

We have all had situations in our lives that have devastated us emotionally, deeply disturbing our spirits.

But we must also be able to cope, to overcome, and to learn to grow past the deeply disturbing trauma; if not, it will not only affect our emotional well-being but also distract us from living normal lives.

Engage in everyday rituals –

They say that healing comes from engaging in comforting everyday rituals such as cooking, taking care of your loved ones, and going on walks.

When we stick to routines that have been doing for years, it always gives us a sense of stability and normalcy.

Overcoming trauma and recovering from shocks can be found in going back to these everyday tasks instead of moping around and sitting around, wondering what you should do next.

Try to look beyond what happened –

Whatever the trauma causing incident was, whether personal or corporate, there will always come a time when you must grow beyond it.

We have to move on; that’s how life is and that is what we do.

There’s no point staying where it hurts; there is always healing to be found in moving on.

Whether it is having learned lessons or changed, we must move on to ensure our mental health and restoration.

It is never a good idea to stay where it hurts – there must always be a strategy to move on; gently but surely so that you can look forward to a process of closure and healing.

Find a new hobby –

Deliberately finding a new hobby is always a good idea to overcome stress caused by trauma.

It could be going back to a hobby you have engaged in before and given up –or a new one entirely but find the time to engage in it productively.

Some of the most soothing hobbies are gardening and reading.

You don’t have to leave home – you can plant in pots if you don’t have garden space – you can always get good ebooks on your phone or read actual books.

A new hobby will give you the space needed to engage in pursuits other than the trauma you have been through.

Reach out to those in need –

When you focus on those in need – whether, in hospitals or retirement homes, those who have lost loved ones or those who have overcome grief, it always lessens your own pain.

Find the time to volunteer, counsel, or just spend time with someone – there are many – who need time and attention in the smallest way possible.

Sometimes all you need to do is to have a cup of tea with them and that will lessen their pain and add value to your being able to reach out to someone else.

Refusing to stay focused on what happened –

Sometimes we get stuck on what happened – it’s size, it’s impact and it’s shocking.

There is always a time to stop reliving the trauma and give up the bad vibes; this is a deliberate choice which you must undertake with determination and commitment.

Promise yourself you will not focus on the pain but the recovery process.

If you have a goal, you can achieve it.

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