Bridal Splendour of Gold Necklaces

The dream of every bride is to be picture perfect on her very special day.

She will be the cynosure of all eyes; her entire presence must make a stunning statement.

Her jewellery will sparkle and shine, adding that special touch of elegance to her entire ensemble.

It must suit her persona and be the most fitting compliment to her bridal ensemble.

When it comes to bridal necklaces, the design carries out the exceptional skills and a rich heritage of expertise that goes back generations.

It must suit the bride, her theme and capture her heart.

It must be her most cherished item on her special day.

Let’s look at a few tips on selecting your bridal necklace – after all, it is your special day and you want to make the most of it.

Select your jewellery to match your colour theme –

Today’s brides mostly choose a toned down colour scheme for their bridal ensembles – if you are wearing ivory or off white, you can choose a shimmery gold design.

If your ensemble is white, go with stones that are set in gold or diamonds.

Let the jewellery compliment your outfit and set it off to perfection.


Be mindful of the head décor and the veil –

How does your veil flow – the flowers you are planning to wear in your hair or the tiara – how would it match your jewellery?

Would a V shaped necklace combine better with it than a round necklace? Try out a few designs before you settle on one.

Does your over-all theme match the design you have in mind? –

Sometimes the over-all theme needs to match your jewellery to make the best statement possible.

Is your wedding theme intricate or bold – are there flowers or traditional motifs that are the main elements?

Make sure the necklaces will compliment the over-all theme you have in mind.

Let the necklace designs match your neck area –

Be mindful of the design of your bridal sari jacket or the dress.

Does the neckline sweep or is it V neck designed – a longer necklace would be better suited to a V necked and a rounder design would compliment a sweeping neckline.

Little details like these will help you make a well co-ordinated decision on the necklace you will choose.

Does it capture your heart?

Your wedding jewellery is very special – the necklace which is the centre piece must capture your heart.

You must not choose it merely because it ticks all the boxes but because you fell in love with the cut, the design and the placement. So make sure you choose one that you love. Remember it is for life time.

Choosing the right bridal necklace is a decision that must be made carefully, taking all criteria into account. It is your big day and you are the star.


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