Exercise and active lifestyle key to staying young

We all know the importance of regular exercise and living healthily.

A sedentary lifestyle that involves no exercise can be dangerous at many levels.

According to a study published by the American Journal of Cardiology in December 2018, researchers studied health surveys for over 05 years before determining that 30% of normal people with a sedentary lifestyle had the same risk of a heart attack of a stroke as people who were overweight.


Why normal people can also be at risk of heart attack –

Those who have belly fat, shortness of breath upon physical activity and an unhealthy waist circumference, even though they maybe of normal weight, were still considered to be at risk; people who even moderately exercised at least for 15 minutes per week were 58% less likely to suffer a heart attack or a stroke.


Why walking is considered best –

According to Harvard Health Publishing website of the Harvard Medical School, walking is one of the best and the most consistent exercise regimes to engage in on a daily basis.

The more steps you take daily, the more flexible your arteries become, giving you overall cardiovascular health.

Inflexible and stiff arteries can indicate heart disease.

Heart health is closely linked to leading a healthy lifestyle including exercise and healthy eating.

Including plenty of greens in your diet and choosing complex carbs instead of refined carbs like white bread and white rice, can help you develop a healthy lifestyle.


Why exercise delays ageing and helps us stay young –

Exercise is vital not only to rid the body of toxins that build up but also to ensure over-all health of joints, heart, muscles and lungs as we get older.

Free radicals that enter our blood stream every day from food, pollution and stress stays in our system and contributes towards ageing – exercise combats these effectively.

When we sweat, the toxins leave the body , making us feel positive and vibrant.


Abdominal fat can contribute towards heart disease –

Overall, exercise and a healthy diet contributes to staying young.

When you work out, you are proud of maintaining a body that still looks great.

Exercise also keeps your skin elastic and glowing.

Since abdominal fat contributes to heart health negatively, all the ore reason why you should engage in ab exercises and keep your abs in shape – especially as you get older.


Keep working out – even if it hurts at the beginning –

Exercise not only helps you look and feel great it also makes you stronger.

Even if it is not easy for you to exercise at the start, keep at it and slowly, you will notice that you get stronger and healthier.

Over time, exercise improves your body’s performance, enabling you to undertake pursuits that you thought were not possible.

Staying healthy helps you to maintain your body and your over-all health – we all age at one point or another. Sooner you undertake to include exercise in your fitness regime, the sooner your health will improve.

You will be healthy, fitter and stronger.





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