Why women entrepreneurs in agriculture have a powerful role to play..

In today’s world, going vegan is not only a trend but also a lifestyle choice – while some may still love their meat, fish or dairy, most are choosing deliberately to include vegetables and fruits along with pulses in their diet.

In seeking safer, organic vegetables and fruits for our homes, women take the lead often in growing their own little gardens; whether those gardens are limited to balconies or two bit home gardens. It is not uncommon to see thriving plants growing out of pots in tiny kitchen balconies and high rise apartments.

Which is why becoming a woman entrepreneur in agriculture or related areas is an area that is not only relevant but also vital for us all. For those who have the potential to aim for a start up or entrepreneurship in agriculture, there’s much growth to aim for.

So what can women entrepreneurs in agriculture bring to the table, no pun intended, with their produce and their businesses? Plenty it would seem.

Take the story of Courageous Rani, a talented Sri Lankan female farmer who successfully manages over 05 acres of farming land; she uses only traditional methods of farming and manages over 05 acres of land.

Her crop includes heirloom rice grown in ancient Sri Lanka and now revived for greater sustainability ad vegetables.

She is a grandmother and a grand matriarch living in Hingurakgoda, North Central Province, Sri Lanka.

Courageous Rani truly personifies the strength and sheer determination of Sri Lankan farmer women.

Let’s look at 5 aspects of empowering agricultural entrepreneurship among women.


Agri entrepreneurship can be a great choice for all women –

Agricultural entrepreneurship is no longer limited to the rural women only – while rural women form the core of agrarian societies and rise gallantly to meet the challenges of managing paddy fields, farms and their homes, not to mention children, it is not uncommon for women everywhere to engage in agriculture based business ventures that are both sustainable and free of chemicals and pesticides.


There is a thriving market for women owned agro businesses –

Women understand the importance of agriculture in a modern sense; there is a dynamic market for sustainable farming and organically grown produce.

Often, such businesses are micro managed, enabling many women to turn their back gardens into successful business ventures.

The produce can easily be sold without much of an investment – there is always a market for home grown produce.


Women owned agri businesses can easily be extended –

Women owned agri businesses can be extended into adding value – if you are growing vegetables, you can easily turn out dried vegetables or vegetable based curries or soups etc – there is tremendous value for the customer in buying products that are freshly cooked at sourcing.

There is much potential to be found in adding value to what a woman agricultural entrepreneur can grow.

In fact, this angle has not been explored much and can be developed further under the right direction and guidance.


Women farmers can be trained to become entrepreneurs –

For women farmers to extend their venture into a successful business venture is not difficult ; they would only learn to manage the business side of farming well.

From selling their produce on the road to finding markets for their locally sourced produce, there is always a demand for small scale produce grown in home gardens.

The opportunities are there and must be tapped the right way with farmer markets that enable women farmers to showcase and sell their produce.


Technology can facilitate women farming entrepreneurs

Facebook and social media are great tools for women entrepreneurs to market their produce ;  there is in fact plenty of potential for women farmers which is not being properly managed in this connection.

A woman entrepreneur today has the power to market her produce to customers on line – the opportunity is even greater if she can deliver the produce at an added cost.

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