Rose gold is always in fashion

The beauty of rose gold that shimmers in any kind of light, can never be underestimated.

While yellow gold and white gold has their share of glamour, rose gold comes with the kind of aura and elegance that gives the wearer understated sophistication and timeless finesse.

Be it a diamond encrusted bracelet that can gracefully adorn a wrist or earrings that can light up any face, rose gold is the perfect accessory for the fashion conscious; for day or night.

Rose gold is an unmatched choice for the discerned because of its versatility to add colour and absolute class to any outfit.

The shimmer of rose gold is often associated with high fashion and a trendy yet a graceful finish.

You can combine rose gold with yellow or white gold jewellery or you can wear rose gold as the central theme of your jewellery. Either way, it is meant to take your breath away.

Did you know that rose gold was first introduced to the jewellery world in 19th century Russia by the world famous jeweler to Royalty, Faberge?

When members of the royal families started wearing the luminous elegance of rose gold, Cartier, renowned globally for their impeccable taste, picked up the trend; Cartier soon had stunning rose gold items in their jewellery collection.

Rose gold thus became the choice of the fashion conscious.

Today, rose gold is a must have for those who understand the immaculate taste of discretion in fine jewellery.

From Royalty to the fashion conscious all over the world, rose gold is a choice that is both popular and fashionable.

Rose gold can be paired with any outfit – Be it a morning occasion or an evening one, rose gold is your choice for a look of under stated opulence and good taste.

Combine it with any colour of outfit – you can either wear it as a part of a collection or on its own.

Rose gold offers soft tones in perfect elegance – Rose gold ideally can compliment outfits and looks that set off the soft allure of its appeal.

The shimmery, luminous look that can be so perfectly paired with sophisticated chic, goes well with tones of copper, pink, blush and nude.

Rose gold combines workable fashion and good taste – Rose gold jewellery always makes that fine balance between knowing what works fashion wise and making an appropriate statement of style, no matter the occasion

. Rose gold is magnificent as a choice of jewellery when you know the occasion calls for it.

Rose gold is often a connoisseur’s choice – Rose gold has its strongest appeal among those who know their jewellery and its flexibility to expand and include stylishness – from rings to ear rings, bracelets and bangles to stunning necklaces, rose gold always makes a fashion statement worthy of its wearer.

That’s not all; rose gold also makes a personal fashion statement of style – When you know your personal sense of style, you know you desire rose gold and its stunning refinement.


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