Stunning rubies for your special occasion

Rubies are red and violets are blue…goes the favourite saying.

Rubies make a stunning fashion statement, no matter when they are worn and with what outfit.

The timeless elegance of rubies as ear rings, necklaces, rings or bracelets is well known and documented.

From royalty to movie stars, rubies have remained a firm favourite among those who know the true essence of style and glamour. Rubies have always been sought after for their exceptional colour and appeal throughout the centuries.

Rubies are now in fashion – and trendy too.

Rubies are prized for the inner beauty they possess – and their charm as the finest jewellery that can compliment any occasion.

The red aura that turns into an unmatched sparkle and finesse has assured the ruby of its unique place in history as one the world’s best known precious stones.

So how do you wear your rubies?

Let’s take a look.

Choose your outfit with care when you wear your rubies –

Rubies are stunning jewellery – and are best paired with neutral colours and tones that will allow the jewellery to shine, complimenting you as the wearer.

A ruby necklace, ear rings or a ring will light up your entire personality, whether you are dressed for a special occasion or everyday elegance.

Let your rubies make a statement –

It is best not to let your Rubies clash with any other stones or jewellery – let the Rubies make the statement as you make your entrance.

The stunning beauty and elegance of Rubies will be only statement you need to make.

Your Ruby Collection will undoubtedly make you the centre of attention no matter where you are.

Pair them together –

When worn together as a set, Rubies are matchless in appeal and elegance.

Wear yours as one set – be it earrings, necklace, ring or bracelet. And watch the admiration in everyone’s eyes as the classic gems sparkle on you.

Take proper care of your Rubies –

You want the sparkle to stay – so make sure you take proper care of your Rubies.

Once you have worn them, gently wipe with a velvety or a soft cloth and store in the jewellery box.

Be careful not to spray perfume on to the stones or the setting.


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