Beauty trends to watch in 2019

Beauty trends are always renewing – there are so many different products and so many different trends that are almost always worth watching. With new and innovative brands coming up with more and more workable skincare and beauty solutions, what we can look forward to this year sounds interesting and exciting.

So what really will 2019 bring for beauty and skincare segments? Will, there we are and exiting products that promise better, more effective results? Would the landscape change for serums, gels, lotions, and ampoules?

Let’s take a look at the top trends.

Beauty products will focus more on the overall well being –

As products get more sophisticated and more specific in meeting customer needs, they are likely to be more in line with keeping the over-all well-being in mind. Consumers of 2019 are likely to want products that also support good health. The lines between healthy and beauty are blurring, comment the experts, as more and more products promise natural ingredients and healthy habits.

Anti-aging products will grow in potency and capability –

Consumers continue to be interested in anti-age beauty solutions as they pursue eternal youth. Anti-aging skin and hair care are expected to grow in 2019 as more and more powerful solutions are likely to make their presence felt.

Products such as Fresh which promises youthful radiance and Celifique which promises cutting edge capabilities in minimizing wrinkles are making their presence felt with powerful and potent substances. As the anti-aging market grows, so will products that promise greater benefits.

More self-care beauty products will hit the market –

Experts predict that more and more D-I-Y products such as face masks and packs will increase in 2019. Already, many self-care beauty products are gaining popularity – such as peel-away masks and collagen boosts that encourage exfoliation and hydration.

As consumers become more aware of beauty trends and tips, they are more likely to want to try better treatments they can do all by themselves at home.

Fighting pollution with skincare –

As global levels of pollution increases and its bearing on our skin become vital, experts believe that more and more beauty and skincare products will include active ingredients such as probiotics that will provide powerful solutions. Pollution can damage the skin and impact it in many negative ways;  building anti-pollution care into products is likely to be a big yes in 2019. Tackling pollution will also mean fewer toxins and free radicals impacting the skin while also preventing premature aging.

Asian trends such as 10 step beauty regime introduced by Korea to grow –

Korea is now the beauty capital of the world with so many beauty labels and innovative, cutting edge products that promise many things. Korean beauty care regimes promise results (although it involves 10 steps) and have been hailed by beauty experts throughout the world. Today, K beauty leads the way in introducing products that deliver greater benefits to all types of skin.

This trend is expected to grow with more and more beauty products such as ampoules and capsules which deliver highly potent, specific solutions, coming on board.










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