Truffle Chains brings splendour and elegance..

When it comes to impeccable taste and elegance this Season, the right combination of jewellery will make you dazzle and shine throughout the festivities.

The Truffle Chains are considered a distinctively Sri Lankan jewellery collection; they not only combine the traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics but also bring contemporary flair to age old designs.

The Truffle Collection has pieces that you can easily wear from day to night, offering exceptional elegance sets you apart as the cynosure of all eyes.

Let’s see how you too can wear the Truffle Collection for the Season the right way – making sure you make a grand entrance worthy of each collection bringing out the best in you.

Combine the Truffle Chains and Tusker Collection

You can wear pieces from both collections to make a grand impression.

They are versatile pieces that can be worn to create a stunning visage of absolute elegance.

You can wear a bangle from the Tusker Collection with a chain from the Truffle Collection – together, they can carry you into any function, day or night, with sophistication and style.


Make sure your outfits compliment the fine jewellery you are wearing

Both collections are fine jewellery that on its own, can make the perfect statement about you.

The glamour of the jewellery are best showcased against simple yet elegant outfits.

Fussy designs and crowded colours can off set the beauty of the jewellery.

A shimmering sari in one colour worn with a worked blouse or an intricately designed blouse can be the perfect canvass for the Tusker Collection or the Truffles Collection.

On the other hand, a dress in black or gold can also set off the jewellery magnificently.

Wear one statement piece of jewellery

Choose your own piece of the collection to wear with an outfit.

A Truffles Chain on its own can make a splendid entrance.

The design and the cut, the shimmer of the 22k gold and the fine workmanship are the powerful attributes that make both collections connoisseur worthy.

A Truffles Chain can be worn either with a kurta outfit, a sari, a shift dress or a long dress to highlight its elegance in design.

The Truffle Chains or the Tusker Collection can be the centerpiece of your jewellery collection

Given their craftsmanship, value and finesse, each piece in both collections have the capacity to be the centre of your jewellery collection.

Investing in them is an appropriate choice.

Nothing makes you stand out with aplomb and grace than a much treasured piece of the exceptional Truffles and Tusker Collections.

Make sure you take proper care of your heirloom jewellery such as the Tusker Collection and the Truffles Chains

These are treasured jewellery that you pass on for generations – they must be appreciated and well looked after.

Make sure you store them right and keep them in casing free from dust and exposure.

Keep them shining and they will always be the cream of your jewellery collection for years to come.

Choose the piece that captures your heart from the Truffle Chains Collection this Season.


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