Why Cocktail Rings are the perfect accessory…..

We all know the stunning impact just one accessory can make to complete any look.

Discover the allure of finely designed, simply fabulous cocktail rings in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

Walk into any occasion with ultimate confidence in knowing that you have perfected the art of adornment with one, singularly outstanding statement accessory.

Cocktail rings get their name for the bold statements they make as a much coveted piece of jewellery.

They can be worn as a single piece of jewellery or compliment other jewellery when worn together.

So how can you combine your cocktail ring with an outfit to make the perfect entrance this Season?

Check these tips out.

Cocktail rings can compliment any outfit –

The beauty of cocktail rings lies in their ability to instantly add glamour to any outfit – you are never under dressed or over dressed with a cocktail ring.

It can make a dramatic yet a grand impression when worn as a single item of jewellery on your hands.

Combine it with a long necklace and or dangling earrings.

And you are indeed ready for the best occasion – anytime of the day.

Take care of your hands when wearing cocktail rings –

Make sure your nails are neat and trimmed when wearing cocktail rings.

Your hands should also compliment the stunning rings you wear.

Remember to use a nail polish that can set off any look – neutral shades such as blush pink, nude or beige for the day and perhaps a slightly dramatic one for the evening – red, burgundy or brown are ideal.

Wear it with confidence –

The power of wearing cocktail rings right lies with carrying it with confidence and aplomb.

The size and design of cocktail rings go a long way in making sure your look is poised and elegant at the same time.

Be confident in choosing the right cocktail ring – on the other hand, you can also pick more than one ring.

It can be the best accessory in your jewellery collection.

Pick a ring that suits your style best –

Some of us like big and bold statement rings with a center stone while others like tiny stones positioned as an elegant band.

Yet others like a combination of both. Pick the ring that goes well with your personal sense of style – be it a single stone or rows of many stones.

Each cocktail ring is created with absolute elegance in mind and can suit any outfit or an occasion.

Choose the ring right for the occasion –

A cocktail ring is best worn for an evening function – there are many during the Season that will require your presence.

You can combine it with dangling earrings or big statement earrings for a complete look – accessorize with a clutch that will perfectly set off your ring.

Wear a single coloured outfit or one with a pattern or a design – but make sure your ring can make a grand statement.

Cocktail rings can be the ultimate statement jewellery in your collection – make sure you pick the one that you love best.

It can also be a great gift you can give yourself.





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