Stay fashionable with the chic coloured stone

From fashionable aqua marine to glittering amethyst, garnet and tourmaline, coloured stones are all the rage.

Coloured stones compliment any and every outfit, given the versatility and depth of colour and the perfection of design.

The coloured stones exquisitely brought out to set off the glitter and glamour of the season’s most happening occasions.

Statement rings, pendants and earrings that make bold and ultra fashionable statements jewellery, bring out the best in every women.

Check out why a coloured stone collection can go great with your ensemble for the Season.

Coloured stones look great with colour blocks  –

Set off your coloured stone pendants, rings and earrings with colour block outfits; black, white, grey or gold – each coloured stone jewellery will compliment your outfit best when worn as a single colour.

This bangle makes a stunning addition to your wardrobe – wear it on its own or combine it with drop earrings for a perfect finish to your outfit.

Coloured stones can be worn as one statement piece

Think of Princess Diana’s ring on Meghan Markle’s finger as a statement ring – one big statement ring or one pendant that makes a fine entrance to any special occasion.

Coloured stones have the versatility and the elegance to make a fabulous addition to any wardrobe.

This combination of bangle and clip earrings combine to give you a complete coloured stone look – wear it with a black, silver or any self coloured outfit for a fabulous finish.

Coloured stones go well with any outfit

Be it formalwear, occasional wear, smart casual or simply everyday elegance, coloured stones can set off any outfit in any colour or cut, to perfection.

Be it a dress, a sari or anything else, pick your choice of a coloured stone piece to match your mood and your choice.

Coloured stones can be worn at any time of day

Given the multi faceted brilliance of coloured stones, each piece can be worn at a day or an evening function.

Or you can confidently go from a day event to a night event, making a grand entrance with your statement colour stone jewellery.

Coloured stones can be combined with other jewellery

Remember that when you invest in coloured stones, you are expanding the possibility of combining your other jewellery with coloured stones.

Coloured stones pair beautifully with any jewellery in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.

In fact, they make just the right addition to uplift your existing collection of jewellery.

Pendants from the collection are exceptional works of craftsmanship – they can be worn as a single focus item or combined with anything else.

They will instantly compliment every look ; they look best on long chains. If you like your coloured stone

Coloured stones make perfect gifts

There’s nothing better to gift loved ones for the Season than one-of-a-kind coloured stone jewellery.

Coloured stones are fashionable

Statement rings, pendants and bangles that combine elegance with sophistication are fashionable this Season – they form the ultimate fashion statements that can add style to any outfit and any occasion.

The rings shown here are the perfect adornment for any outfit – stunning pieces that can be combined with any color or design to make a bold and elegant fashion statement.

Coloured stones are your best friend this Season

dynamic versatility that deliver finesse, elegance and perfection.

Each piece designed intricately, to bring out the best in every individual.


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