Why should you use a highlighter?

When it comes to makeup, highlighting plays an important role, because while it does make one appear more flawless, it also brings with it a sense of confidence and poise that a lot of women (and men) yearn for. With celebrities such as the Kardashians and the Jenners running the fashion world, it has now gone beyond the limitations of a trend and has become a necessity to know how to properly work a highlighter.

So, here’s a basic understanding of what a highlighter can do to enhance your beauty:

What is a highlighter and what does it do?

A highlighter is a face makeup that was introduced to make the face appear as if it is lit from within, by creating the illusion of height and brightness. It helps to lift and push back one’s features, adding a faux natural glow to one’s face. The key is to not apply it all over your face because the goal is to create a shine and not look as if you have been for a two-hour jog.


Finding the right shade of highlighter:

When it comes to makeup, everything depends on finding the perfect shade for your skin tone. You’re always one step away from a makeup disaster if you choose a shade of makeup that does not compliment your features and complexion.

Those with pale or light skin tones should opt for highlighters that are pearlescent with ivory or icy sheen. This would help you look effortlessly radiant. Avoid choosing shades that are warm and red, because the undertones would leave you looking like you had a bad tan. If you would like to add more colour to your face, use a bronzer instead.

If you have medium or olive skin tones, go for highlighters that have peach or gold undertones, to achieve that perfect sun-kissed glow, that would make you look natural and dewy.

For those of you with dark skin tones, use rich variations of rose gold or bronze to bring out your features and the complexion, and pair it up with deep rose cream blusher to look even more stunning.

How to apply:

Highlighters come in various forms. For a powder highlighter, you’d have to start with a primer, follow it up with foundation, face powder, bronzer, and blusher, and finish it up with the highlighter.

Apply foundation, blusher, contour, and then dab a bit of the liquid or cream highlighter, for a seamless shine. The addition of an extender setting spray would make your makeup long-lasting.

Where to apply :

  1. Bridge and the tip of your nose
  2. Cupid’s brow
  3. Beneath and above the arch of your eyebrows
  4. Cheekbones
  5. The center of your forehead
  6. The center of your chin

 The addition of a highlighter to your makeup routine would truly change how people see you and would help bring out your natural beauty, making you feel fabulous and flawless. After all, what could possibly go wrong when you’ve got that glow?!



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