How to use social media to expand your customer base & grow your business

We encourage women entrepreneurs.

Did you know that the 20-year-old Kylie Jenner whom Forbes magazine called the youngest billionaire in the world, built her $900 million business mainly on social media?

Social media is here to stay – and provides businesses and women entrepreneurs cost-effective yet a powerful platform to engage with consumers and market products or services.

Today, the way we do business has changed considerably. Women-owned businesses in particular have benefitted from social media usage.

The traditional market place has grown – more than ever, sales are being generated online across social media platforms.

This is good for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are able to use the internet and the online experience delivered via social media platforms to generate sales and connect with their consumers.

All of this is well and good but how do new businesses and women entrepreneurs make use of social media?

Check the following tips to learn how you too can make good use of social media – sharing about your product or service effectively.

Select the social media platform that suits your business best –

Choose the social media platform that works well with your business.

For example, Instagram as a photo-sharing site works wonders for a cosmetic and or clothing or a tourist attraction business. Open your social media accounts and sent up with photos and brand insignia.

Share interesting content –

Content is king on social media. A lot rides on the kind of content you share. Make your content interesting. Make it relevant to your product and to your target market. Videos work best; but so do short, powerful wording and sayings. Give something of value to your customers. And a reason for them to connect with you on social media.

Tell stories –

Stories work their magic on social media platforms. We all love good stories.  Develop simple yet powerful stories that can be told in short, crisp formats. Post them on the social media pages. Kylie Jenner’s biggest selling point on social media was well-orchestrated photos of herself wearing her make up palettes and colours. The products sold out like hot cakes every time a new post went up on her social media accounts.

Be consistent –

Try to update your business social media on a particular day of the week. For example, if you upload every Thursday or Monday then your customers can look forward to the content you will be posting on a regular basis.

Be it a video or advice, tips, etc, develop a creative format to share them in. This way, the users will be able to see and develop enough of an interest to read.  Or engage with the post.

Invite customer participation –

The power of social media is in its ability to connect the product or service with consumers on a one to one basis. Invite your customers to participate and share their ideas and comments on the social media pages of your product or service. This way, they will be happy to share their feedback and give their inputs to you.

Many companies and individuals have built powerful social media platforms that have given them a unique advantage over others when it comes to sharing their product benefits and service offerings. The very fact that social media as a tool is effective is proof of its power over consumers – the only factor is to be able to use them effectively and with results.

Use social media insights –

Social media platforms such as Facebook give you the ability to obtain insights from user activity. Use it wisely – study it and learn from what it tells you so that you can fine-tune your product offering better next time you share something on social media. These insights are valuable tools that help you understand consumer behaviour and introduce new methods of staying in touch with your customers.

Enjoy the experience –

Social media has transformed the way the world connects with products and services. In fact, it is a huge opportunity that enables you to connect to a wider audience. It can help you fine-tune your product story and develop new and innovative ways of keeping your customers informed and briefed on your product and or service. Give it your best shot – stay at it, perfect it. It’s a great way to promote your business.





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