How to rekindle your relationship on this Valentine’s day?

The roses, the chocolates, the expensive dinners, the surprise gifts, everyone in love clad in red. It paints such a glamorous, elegant, and romantic picture. After all, who does not love, love? Well, actually there could be some, and this article is for those who want to rekindle the relationship that they once had on Valentine’s day.

There could be many reasons as to why you have not celebrated Valentines in a few years, or why you’ve lost interest in romance. For some of us, Valentine’s day is overrated, and we choose not to be extravagant and go all out on it. However, if you are not like that, and you feel like the spark is gone, Valentine’s day is the perfect day to relight that match.

Here are some simple steps you can follow to feel the love on Valentine’s:

Go on a date:

Yes, the simplest, most famous of Valentine’s to-do list. It’s famous because it’s effective. It works, every single time. A date is a wonderful way to find your way back to each other. Forget the workload you have, forget the children for a night, forget the responsibilities. It’s your night. Use the chance to take a walk down memory lane. Recreate one of those perfect dates that you still remember after all these years. Valentine’s date is not something everyone is fortunate enough to experience. The joke, laugh, enjoy. It might not be anything too flashy. As long as you spend some time, just with yourselves, you’ll see that the relationship has not lost its fireworks.

Gifts and cards:

This is yet another simple but effective method of making sure your husband feels the romantic connection you share with him on the day of love. When you were younger, there probably were lots of heart-shaped chocolates and customized candy and teddy bears. Move away from the stereotyped Valentine’s day gifts. You know exactly what your partner has been waiting for. It could be anything from a new office shirt, to two tickets for a match. He’ll love the sentiment. If there’s nothing at all to get as a gift, make a simple card, or write a letter. Let your partner know that romance is not dead on this Valentine’s.

Make this valentine’s count as a family:

You are not young, wild, and free anymore, and I do mean that in the best way possible. You’ve matured, and you have created a wonderful life for yourself. Use this to have the best Valentine’s day possible this year, and hopefully for the years to come. Gather up your family and watch the old videos, play a few card games, take a family photo. There are so many things you can do as a family to make sure your relationships stay fresh and renewed. After all, Valentine’s day isn’t just about being romantic with just one person. It is about love, and everyone you love should be celebrated on the day of love.

We at Satyn, wish you a wonderful Valentine’s day!


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