How to maintain a healthy mother-daughter relationship

Throughout your life as an adult woman, you’ve come across many people, have gone through many experiences but none like this. There’s something almost magical about the mother-daughter relationship. No matter what, you can always count on each other. But what if your situation is different from that of the Gilmore Girls?

Here’s how you could strengthen and maintain your mother-daughter relationship:                                            

Find common interests:

You might not have had many mutual interests or passions when the daughter was not yet a fully independent adult. So, it is time to find out what waters you can tread together. The generation gap could cause some problems, but there will always be something you two are even mildly interested in. If you can’t seem to find any, try new things together. That’ll guarantee quality time together as well as new memories to fall back on.

Work around your moods:

As adult women both you and your mother/daughter could be under a world of stress. That is perfectly normal. It is also normal to have mood swings or irritability. However, do not let this out on the other. That could result in damages in the relationship. We always save our worst sides to the ones we love. Understand that it happens and take your time to get over it.

Thoughtful advice:

In an adult mother—daughter relationship, advice is a two way street and on most occurrences, it is appreciated and followed.  However, there could be times where advice seems more like interference or criticism and nobody likes that. But understand that your mother/daughter only has your best interests at heart and would never purposely drag you down. Feelings will get hurt, but do not forget that the more important matter at hand here is your mother-daughter bond. Don’t be dismissive. Instead be supportive and trusting.

Set clear boundaries:

Given as you’ve spent many years living with your mother/daughter, it can be hard for both of you to live apart, especially if you’ve reconnected to be very close. But it is very important that there should be some distance and clear boundaries for an adult mother-daughter relationship to function properly.  Your mother/daughter should never feel like an intruder in your house. So make sure she does not get treated like that by setting boundaries.

Stay in touch through technology:

You might not live within easy distance from where your mother/daughter lives. And you probably only meet her for the holidays. But distance is no longer a reason to feel estranged and to give up such a precious relationship and friendship. You can always text, call or Skype her and feel as if she’s right there with you. This way, you are fully updated on everything that’s going on in your mother’s/daughter’s life and you’ll feel really close.



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