Why you should take a midcareer break

When you’ve been doing the same old job for years at a stretch, it could be tiring. Let’s face it; you aren’t the same young woman who you used to be 15 years ago. Your priorities have changes and you have new dreams but what can you really do about it when you’re stuck at the same career?

You might think it’s impossible to leave behind the life you’ve built, the success you have rightfully earned. But, your work life is not all that you’ve got anymore. So, it’s okay if you want to escape all the hustle and bustle of business for a while.

We have put together some reasons why you should consider taking a mid-career break:

Family over career:

As a woman at work, sometimes it could be easy to forget that you have a life outside your office. Even though you don’t always like to admit it, you know that there were plenty of anniversaries, birthdays, and simple family dinners you’ve missed because of work. It’s true, it is very hard to tackle everything in life and sometimes, it all gets a little too much. A mid-career break would fix this rift between you and your loved ones. It would be the most wonderful thing to know that your family has always got your back. You will all start valuing each other more with every passing day.

A chance to be creative:

For years, you’ve been cramming your brain and putting in sleepless nights to be a successful business woman. And now you have finally achieved your goals. But you might still feel a pang of emptiness because your life wasn’t lived to the extreme. The most important thing in life is that one should never have regrets that they could’ve avoided. So tap into the creative side of yourself and discover passions you never knew you had. Even if it is binge watching a new T.V. show, it’ll be worth it.

Time to think:

When you take a mid-career break, you’ll realize how fast the time goes by. You’ll feel as if there is never too much time. So make use of this. Step away from the commitments, projects and the plans and take time to just live. You’ll find that a break was what you needed all along and you’ll feel refreshed. By the time you go back to work, you’d have understood the real pleasures in life.


Once you don’t have to turn up for work every day, you’ll discover that you actually appreciate the simple family life. You could travel, cook, learn a new language, or take seriously long naps. But the point is, the love for simplicity is an innate need in all of us. You lived the busy and hardworking life of a woman at work, now it’s time to take a mid-career break to appreciate the simple things in life. Money doesn’t always mean happiness.

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