Are high waisted jeans back in style?

Are high waisted jeans back in style?


Who would ever have thought they would make a comeback, almost 3 decades later? Back in the 70s, high waisted jeans were mainly worn by curvy, pear-shaped women, thus the name, “mom-jeans”.

The jeans which were the “go-to” fashion choice of many plus-sized women, left the world of fashion when bootleg and straight-leg jeans came into it.

But that was way back when they were still considered mom-jeans. This time, they’re here to stay.

When did the high waisted jeans revive?

Some fashion experts are already calling this the “revival of the style”.

It first started back in 2010. And since then, they’ve only grown more and more in popularity.

The high waisted shorts and bikini bottoms also helped speed the process along.

Within that period of 7 years, high waisted jeans have made their way into basically every woman’s wardrobe.

Why wear high waisted jeans:

They’re comfortable.

Yes, that’s right.

Unlike the jeans from the 70s, the new jeans don’t make you wish you hadn’t bought them at all.

Thanks to the spandex in stretch denim, you can now wear jeans without any discomfort at all.

Make sure that the pair of jeans you purchase are your exact size because unlike with other types of jeans, you will not be able to make a belt work with high waisted jeans.

High waisted jeans are also easier to keep up because they fit you perfectly.

Because of the fact that they cling to a higher part of the torso, this will also accentuate your figure.

Your waist would look slimmer, and your hips would appear like in that hourglass figure you’ve always dreamed of.

It will make your legs appear longer, making you seem slimmer and taller at the same time.

How to style high waisted jeans:

High waisted jeans are as versatile as they come.

You could style it with sneakers and a crop top for a casual everyday look.

You could tuck in a white shirt for black high waisted jeans for a monochromatic professional look with pop shoes.

And you could also sport denim jeans with a denim jacket to get that stylish youthful look.

These are just a few of the many styles you could do with a few pair of high waisted jeans.

The important thing is, you’ll never be out of fashion with the way the trend is going now.

And that should be a great relief and happiness to all the fashionmongers out there.

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